Government Sponsored Terrorism

    Sacred Owls

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    #Punk#Rock & Roll#Political
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    A1.Sacred Owls - Sacred Owls01:53
    A2.Sacred Owls - Rid Yourself Of Care02:54
    A3.Sacred Owls - Weaving Spiders02:52
    A4.Sacred Owls - Beat'Cha To It02:07
    A5.Sacred Owls - Death Wish02:17
    A6.Sacred Owls - Inside Job04:06
    B1.Sacred Owls - New Day Rising03:37
    B2.Sacred Owls - They Live01:12
    B3.Sacred Owls - Fuck This Gig01:25
    B4.Sacred Owls - Polite Company01:49
    B5.Sacred Owls - Idiocracy03:01
    B6.Sacred Owls - I Won't Be Sleeping02:39


    • Artist : Sacred Owls
    • Label : Coffins Collective
    • Format : 1 x 12" (140g)
    • Country : United States
    • Genres : Punk Rock & Roll Political
    • Estimated delivery date : July 2018


    Sacred Owls debut full length "Government Sponsored Terrorism" is an unapologetic declaration of war against the corrupt, globalist, tyrannical, elitist, fascist, pedophilic, occult, ruling class. Sacred Owls points the finger directly at The Bohemian Grove as a hub of human trafficking, murder, scandal, and conspiracy against the American people, and the people of this world.

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    28 days to go

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