UNICORN (snippet)
    Wooden Beaver
    FAIRY (snippet)
    Wooden Beaver

    • Artist : Wooden Beaver
    • Label : Woody Moody Records
    • Format : 1 x 10" (140g)
    • Sleeve : Color
    • Country : France
    • Genres : Indie PopPsychedelicNeofolk
    • Pressing : 300 Copies

    Fairy Tale #1 is the first chapter of the Wooden Beaver " Fairy Tale ". It will be Available in digital, CD and 45t "Unicorn" and "Fairy" are the two songs of this record.





    I’m looking for this white cold shape

    On this road with my black sled

    I gave my life for this unicorn

    We said it was a fairy tale

    You cross the bridge from the riverside

    the blue turned into yellow

    I know this land with these dangers

    with goblins, black fairies and trolls

    Freshy, freshy,

    Yes you ravageous and warm with your horn

    Freshy, freshy,

    but you tropical, tropical to me.

    Behind that wall, you saw the lake

    So big, so cold, so wild

    I’ve tried to shoot but it was a dream

    The night became the new day





    I gave my soul to a fairy

    She got rings and a power

    She makes huts with her hands

    She's been a child in the story

    She could live with Baudelaire

    To draw these darky lands

    I gave her soul to my child

    To make my faith bigger

    To write a lovely prose

    This is a gift, yeah but it's wild

    And that makes a trigger

    This romantic Rose

    I gave a stone to that child

    But you tried aflame

    To bring it back to you

    This is a stone yeah but it's wild

    And that makes your power

    This beautiful black thing

    You gave the light to my child

    But you still the same

    You're shining like a star

    This is a gift, this is your power

    That makes a trigger

    You make my life better

    Wooden Beaver
    Né dans le creux d'un chêne presque centenaire, Wooden Beaver puise son inspiration jusque dans ses racines les plus enfouies. A la rencontre de la féérie sombre de Jim Jarmush et de l'exotisme d'Angus Stone, ce que l'on découvre sous l'écorce est un subtil mélange entre textes oniriques et folk psychédélique. Accompagné de cuivres chaleureux, la voix suave de Samuel s'accorde parfaitement aux guitares réverbérées et aux rythmiques enivrantes. Notre castor en bois accorde une attention particulière à l'atmosphère et au relief de ses morceaux. C'est pourquoi vous dégusterez ces voyages haut perchés au chaud, les yeux fermés pour mieux vous envoler.