Paramount People

    Niels Nielsen

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    A1.Niels Nielsen - Paramount People01:47
    A2.Niels Nielsen - Rope and noose04:02
    A3.Niels Nielsen - Bring out the guns04:44
    A4.Niels Nielsen - King of another time05:01
    B1.Niels Nielsen - Social Currency04:12
    B2.Niels Nielsen - All your friends04:38
    B3.Niels Nielsen - Headlights00:23
    B4.Niels Nielsen - I wanna disappear05:18
    B5.Niels Nielsen - This is nothing03:28
    C1.Niels Nielsen - Urban Sprawl Begin03:57
    C2.Niels Nielsen - See what you wanna see03:46
    C3.Niels Nielsen - Does it ever end00:07
    C4.Niels Nielsen - With a spin04:47
    C5.Niels Nielsen - Sylvia Earle02:47
    C6.Niels Nielsen - This is the end00:23
    D1.Niels Nielsen - Love Impossiblè
    D2.Niels Nielsen - Friendship Hardship
    D3.Niels Nielsen - This Is Nothing Fight Club Remix
    D4.Niels Nielsen - En Stund Till
    D5.Niels Nielsen - Urban Sprawl Begin Acoustic
    D6.Niels Nielsen - You Are My Friend Acoustic



    This is the 10th album from eclectic music producer and artist Niels Nielsen. Hailing from Sweden his work has remained a secret for most people but slowly over time people all over the globe have started to find him and his music. "Paramount People" is a dark and haunting record but with a pulse and a beat from the heart. It deals with the darkness and stupidity that seems to rule the earth right now with the hope for change.

    This exclusive vinyl version of "Paramount People" is released in a strictly limited run of 185 copies. The album comes on two green vinyl records.

    This is a strictly limited run including the new single ”LOVE IMPOSSIBLÉ” and a few acoustic versions and some remixes of older songs.

    Vinyl on demand



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    Niels Nielsen

    Niels Nielsen

    • Country : Sweden
    • Those who are looking for a common thread in the storm of music and rumors surrounding Niels Nielsen finds several - and in all the colors of the rainbow. The strings stretches across several of the biggest names of Metal, and further to gold records, awards, underground electronica and unusual alternative rock á la Radiohead and Beck. Perhaps the sum of all threads can be spelled creativity or insanity - a multi-faceted multi-instrumentalist's rampant race that has taken him from Sweden's smallest small town to Billboard #1 and conspiratory forum threads, where Nielsen's involvement in the secret band Ghost is being discussed extensivel. And despite being hired as a touring keyboardist in In Flames to play some of the biggest venues in the world and widely employed as a producer and technician for other artists (including Ghost, Riddarna, Night, Tikkle Me), he has completed thirty-eight releases under his own name, nine of which are full lenght albums.

      In October, Niels Nielsen's tenth full-length Paramount People will be released, but in many ways it’s his debut album and a new start in both songwriting and sound where the songs are bounded by a theme: the dark sides of humanity . The songs on the new album have an inevitable groove that kidnaps one's muscles, wins them over and ultimately convinces them to dance. But behind the dancey melodies there is a seriousness. The first single "Urban Sprawl Begin" is about how the population of earth spreads like a black mass, the darkest in the city centers - a feelgood song about all the world's foolishness.

      If you ask Nielsen himself how serious he is then you probably will meet a smiling face. Nothing is sacred, and the myth of the rock star is as true as it is a parody of itself. But despite Niel's constant glimpse in the eye there is a blackness. See, for example, on his own band Dead Soul, showing a dark electronic side of Nielsen, with one leg in heavy delta blues-based rock and the other kicking an old analog synth making weird noises.

      On the new solo album, you'll find the Dead Soul darkness, but there are also stripes of light in the form of airy melodies and a pace that keeps awake with locked ears from first interesting intro until the last guitar fades.