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There is funk out there - Steves funky music - Numbered edition - Limited Edition Vinyl


When i listen
Steves funky music
What made hip hop good to me
Steves funky music
Steves funky music
Earth spaced remix
Steves funky music


  • Artist : Steves funky music
  • Format : 1 x 12" (g)
  • CountryUnited Kingdom
  • GenresHip HopElectronic
  • Pressing300 Copies


I love music, these are some of the projects I've been working on the past few years.
Ive been into hip hop since the 1980s and grew up with street sounds electro and hip hop.
To me this has shaped my music and where i wanna go with my own music projects.
I started writing lyrics again after 20 years so its a new venture again, plus i have breathing problems so actually saying the lyrics can be difficult,
So i also like to write all the music myself and record and engineer it till I've got the finished project, so i do everything myself.
I hope you like and have a good listen, listen on some good speakers as its the only way to listen to music...Thanks....steve

Play me.....

I love making music, i play all the instruments on my org chrome and clavinova...I use an Mpc for the drums and maybe sample the odd drums beats, but i like to make sure its very minimal...I write my own lyrics and perform them, record it all myself and master it..Im easy going and like to cycle ,eat chocolate and chips....B even listening to hip hop since 1980s