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Independent Tracks 01 - SiD Siddsen & Justani Magine - Hand numbered edition - Limited Edition Vinyl


Side 1
Straight Outta Kempton
SiD as Sid Siddsen
Passing SxF
SiD as Sid Siddsen
Side 2
More N More
SID as SiD Siddsen



Independent Tracks, born & bread in Berlin. A Netwerk Label Production by SiD Industries.

Oh! "SiD is SID" or "SiD as Sid Siddsen"... No, that's not a tacky 80s-track, and not a has-been reggae band from Berlin either. We're talking about SiD here!

1982, 1992... Berlin born and bread... holiday job: learning club culture... Stop... Walfisch/FANTASIA/HOUSESYNDICATE/LOVE PARADE... Stop... Berlin in the 90s, you know the score.

You've not heard of him? Try googling! Depending on where you are, google might suggest SID Display Technology. Or, if you are in Germany, it will say Sports-Information-Dienst (Service). That's correct. Well, not really, but it makes a lot of sense. When SID's in action, everybody moves. Next day muscle soreness guaranteed. But hey, dancing is a workout, right?
So, try google again: SID DJ. There you go! We humbly suggest adding the powerful term Soundcloud to your search. Press PLAY, and further questions will be moot.

But SID's not only a DJ; he is a producer, laser musician, a key to whatever and event organiser. Co-founder of Potsdam/ Berlin based label Varied Records. In 2009, SID and his DJ-colleague Mira launched the networking event 3plus1. This regular club night has become a Berlin institution and is hosted reguarly at the lovely "Salon zur Wilden Renate".

And: yes, Bar25, yes, Kater Holzig, Katerkomben, 25 hour marathon sets, Lazer Ramon, interactive networking projects and all that stuff. But let's not dwell on the past; let's talk about right now: SID is a DJ that can put a whole new spin on a party. Someone to really look forward to. Not only to his sound, but to him personally; to the good and easygoing guy he is.

SID is on the way, and he wants the way of doing as target. Does he have one goal? No, one's too puny.
SONAR tomorrow, the revenue office the day after that and please, no meetings on mondays.
Here's guy who is fully integrated into the world of electronic music; just as passionate, down-to-earth and crazy as you and me. HiFive!