Melancholy Meditations


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    LP includes a bonus - 'Lioness - modular live' - version


    A1.Jolea - Melancholy Meditations03:30
    A2.Jolea - When Nothing Is Left Of Us03:22
    A3.Jolea - Antoinette05:32
    B1.Jolea - Row03:38
    B2.Jolea - Lioness02:56
    B3.Jolea - Vie Mut Kotiin03:06
    B4.Jolea - Lioness - Modular Live03:08


    • Artist : Jolea
    • Label : Audiobaum
    • Format : 1 x 12" (140g)
    • Country : Finland
    • Genres : Indie Pop Electronic
    • Estimated delivery date : June 2018


    Jolea's ‘Melancholy Meditations’ EP is 6 tracks of melancholy in all of it’s gloomy blue colors. The record circles around themes we all encounter in our lives - the sense of loss, depression and facing our own mortality. The title song 'Melancholy Meditations' portrays that lonely state of mind - Melancholy is about feeling detached from the world, being caught in the swirl of bittersweet, time-slowing longing for something out of reach. It can be described as the disorder of over-thinkers and what-if’s. These feelings are transformed into intimate songs with plaintive melodies accompanied with emotive production - best enjoyed alone. Her philosophy is to evoke feelings - feeling melancholic can be healing. Melancholy Meditations is out digitally and available at the Audiobaum web shop and iTunes. Here's a wonderful opportunity to get the release on vinyl!

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    • Country : Finland
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