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DaWizards 12" Project - Yuyo MC "DaWizard" - Limited Edition Vinyl


Ayna - I'M Ready Ft Aby Cruz (Original Soundtrack)
Yuyo MC "DaWizard"
Evalina - Lost In Your Love (Crazy Edit)
Yuyo MC "DaWizard"
Victoria - Gave Me Your Heart (Radio Dance Edit)
Yuyo MC "DaWizard"
Ayna - Im Ready Ft Aby Cruz (Dance Version)
Yuyo MC "DaWizard"
Marla G - Party Over Here (Freddy The Edit Rivera & Dawizards Crazy Edit)
Yuyo MC "DaWizard"


  • Artist : Yuyo MC "DaWizard"
  • Label : SGR Records
  • Format : 1 x 12" (g)
  • CountryUnited States
  • GenresBreakbeatDance-popElectronic
  • Pressing100 Copies


Edit Crazy Freestyle Dance Music by Yuyo MC "DaWizard" first ever 12" Vinyl collection of your favorite Music Production made by the Master himself and one of the Crazy Edtz Combo Ft Freddy The Edit Rivera on Both of there Artist Marla G "Party Over Here" Crazy DJ Edit never heard before! we bring you The 12" Project Ft Ayna & Aby Cruz , Evalina aka"Destiny" , Vicki"Victoria" , Marla G / Synthetek Groove Records 2018

SGR Records USA
United States

Born in Brooklyn NYC and Raised in Chicago "Humbolt Park "
Yuyo MC opened up SGR Records USA in 1989 in Chicago by 2003 expanded to California where he continued releasing new albums and working with various artists.
by 2006 he released Megaton 2006 vol.1 and by 2008 Latinos Unidos by mid 2010 he had open doors to Island DefJam distribution were he first released Ayna "Sober" and "Se La Vi" also released Dyane from Canada "I'm a Lady fashion" and made his label officially marketed in The Freestyle Music industry as we all know to this date Latin Freestyle Music and Dance music. He has produced various compilations and single releases with artists such as Johnny O , Shannon , Unique Latina , Rochelle , Sandy Castillo , Victoria , Valentina , Marla G aka Giggles , Ayna and Aby Cruz and many more ... in 2014 he released Freestyle bangers vol.1 where he introduced the new generation artists of the Freestyle Genre. by 2015 he released Marla G "Party Over Here" album in collaboration with Baron Lopez , Fulanito , and Marla G with special guest producers to release her newest project alongside with Freddy the edit Rivera. by 2016 he then released Unlimited copies of Freestyle bangers 2 till this date is available on all digital markets. by 2017 Victoria 12" Vinyl was released "Have to Have You" you can purchase the album at CD Baby on mp3 and official 12" vinyl. as the month's go by the pioneer of Freestyle and dance music is preparing to release Unique Latina most powerfull album for 2018 " Music Is In My Soul" with productions by Yuyo MC "DaWizard" , Artie Rodriguez , Tony Kato aka DJ Kato

Produced by Yuyo MC :

Quadlibet - Tainted Love - Yuyo MC Remix

Marla G - Party Over here - (Yuyo MC & Baron Lopez ft Dose aka Fulanito)

Taina - Let Me Live (Yuyo MC Chicago edit)

E'dee - I Stand (Yuyo MC Dawizard anthem mix)

Rochelle - Your Love (Yuyo MC Original sound track)

KennyFreestyle - Kill a Man (Yuyo MC original sound track)

Erik Christian - Trip The Light (Yuyo MC Original Track )

Unique Latina - Intense Desire (Yuyo MC Edm Track)

Eddie B ft Richard Cimmone - Since you've been gone (Yuyo MC Original track )

Ayna - Sober (Yuyo MC Original Sound Track)

Shannon - Let the music play (Yuyo MC Remake sound track)

Johnny O - Silent Lucidity (Yuyo MC Hard Snare)

Sophia Alyse - Rather be alone ( Yuyo MC Dawizards Storm edit)

Amy Tori - Crazy City life (Yuyo MC Summer heat Mix)

Victoria - Gave me your heart (Yuyo MC EDM Edit)

Unique Latina - Be youre one and only (Yuyo MC Freestyle Banger)

Angel Gonzales - Fantacy (Yuyo MC Origianl soundtrack)

Rochelle - Amarte (Yuyo MC Freestyle Banger Final)

Sandy Castillo - Fary Tale ( Yuyo MC Original sound track)

Ayna Ft Aby Cruz - Try (Yuyo MC Original Soundtrack)

NV Noel valei - You Make Me go (oh oh)

Luis Marte - Give it to you (Yuyo MC Original soundtrack)

Unique Latina - Turn the beat up

Valentina - Trust Me (Yuyo MC Crazy Edit)

Marla G - Its Going Down (Summer Bash Edit )