Realio Sparkzwell - The Main Ingredient


Archimedes intro
Realio Sparkzwell
Hardbody Hemoglobin
Realio Sparkzwell
Realio Sparkzwell
Purple Grimace
Realio Sparkzwell
Half A Chance
Realio Sparkzwell
Realio Sparkzwell
The Ark Outro
Realio Sparkzwell


  • Artist : Realio Sparkzwell
  • Label : I9G7 Records
  • Format : 1 x EP 12" (g)
  • CountryUnited States
  • GenresHip HopRapRhythm & Blues
  • Pressing200 Copies
  • Estimated shipping dateJuly 2018


The Main Ingredient is something to roll up and blaze to, meditate and vibe to.”—Realio Sparkzwell on his latest release.

Known for his hard-bodied raps and collaborations with his Iron Galaxy Clik cohort, Cannibal Ox, New York’s Realio Sparkzwell showcases his producer chops and penchant for slick wordplay on his brand-new EP, The Main Ingredient.

What makes the project particularly compelling is its juxtaposition of laid back and rugged, a quality that the Syracuse native captured perfectly with his approach. As he tells it, “This EP is an art piece, a tribute to one of the greatest R&B/soul groups ever—The Main Ingredient.” With their chopped-up classics as his backdrop, Sparkzwell was free to “spit some streetwise lyrical wizardry with meaning and esoteric insight,” he said.

The result is a quick-hitting EP that comes to life thanks to its well-defined vision. Sparkzwell complements his source material with bars reminiscent of his favorite artists and collaborators, who have included the late Sean Price, Big Noyd, and Copywrite. He carries a similarly dark sense of humor too, which you can hear in the Pineapple Express-sampling “Purple Grimace” and standout cut “Questions.”

The Main Ingredient also serves as a reintroduction of sorts to Sparkzwell, a journeyman emcee who made waves under his previous monikers (REALZ and iRealz). Its release also marks his inaugural project as a member of the Gold Chain Military/Poison Ring Regime (Planet Asia, Killa Kali, and others) and serves as a precursor to his forthcoming full length projects; The Top Emblem and Bloody Luciano.

The Main Ingredient is now available through all major digital retailers and streaming outlets via 19G7 Publishing Company.


  1. Archimedes (Intro)
  2. Hardbody Hemoglobin
  3. Ravenous
  4. Purple Grimace
  5. Half A Chance
  6. Questions
  7. The Ark (Outro)

Realio Sparkzwell is an elite emcee and producer. Mr. Sparkzwell is a Cannibal Ox affliate of the Crimson Godz crew and also a link to the GCM Poison Ring Regime. Realio has worked with some legends to include the late great Sean Price (RIP), Planet Asia, Copywrite, Big Noyd, El Da Sensai (Artifacts), Cannibal Ox, Killarmy (Wu Tang), Inspectah Deck, n many more to include his PRR team Killa Kali, Nowaah The Flood, Casablanca, Jamal Gasol, Supreme Cerebral. Realio has had a successful campaign with Diggersfactory before for The Main Ingredient album. Realio has also made a classic album with legendary french producer Kyo Itachi called AKIRA that did very well on the vinyl market. That was put out by Shinigamie Records and Rap De Winkel labels. He prides himself on putting out top notch quality Hip Hop with a soulful feel and fly lyrical wizardry.
IG @realiosparkz