Hip Dozer Compilation vol.2

    Various Artists

    #Hip Hop#Instrumental#Lo-Fi


    A1.ninjoi. - I Was in Love a Long Time Ago03:20Various Artists
    A2.mr.käfer - Life Circle03:01Various Artists
    A3.hazy year - out for good02:06Various Artists
    A4.saib. - mellow dust01:45Various Artists
    A5.deeB - The Brooklyn Tango03:00Various Artists
    A6.idealism - park02:09Various Artists
    B1.axian - hope01:42Various Artists
    B2.Philanthrope - Melt01:45Various Artists
    B3.j'san. - alone by your side01:25Various Artists
    B4.Konteks - Enouement02:38Various Artists
    B5.chuckee. - trippin02:44Various Artists
    B6.minthaze - cherry weed01:37Various Artists
    C1.Bonus Points - After Hours02:48Various Artists
    C2.iamalex - The Moon02:56Various Artists
    C3.Seneca B - Hearts02:06Various Artists
    C4.Pabzzz - Lazy Mood03:06Various Artists
    C5.Simon Jefferis - Bella-Notte02:26Various Artists
    C6.sleepdealer - beginnings01:36Various Artists
    D1.Kupla - Jazz Cats02:38Various Artists
    D2.B-Side - Sunshine03:00Various Artists
    D3.plusma - beygl01:54Various Artists
    D4.L'Indécis - Drizzle02:59Various Artists
    D5.kazam - Oh Margaery02:00Various Artists
    D6.Flitz&Suppe - Vibin'03:22Various Artists



    The Hip Dozer family is back after a second year of intense digging through the rising hip-hop instrumental scene and is happy to celebrate with you its second compilation at this occasion.

    24 of the best beat-makers of the sphere (saib, idealism, plusma, Philanthrope...) agreed to add their touch to the release, producing an exclusive track each. As a result, one hour of relaxing instrumental hip-hop mixing influences between cities, nature and feelings. Melodic and soulful productions are balanced with some catchy and happy tunes giving to this album a wide preview of sound possibilities given by this emerging genre. Sometime jazzy, sometime groovy, this journey is about to become an inevitable ally to chill, relax or work with all the year.

    A limited double vinyl and cassette edition will join this exclusive release in order to give to all the artists reunited around this compilation the chance to immortalize their artwork, from the music to the cover collage. This cover realized by Brazilian artist Elizeu Salazar show the diversity of atmospheres mixed at the heart of this album.

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