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Navero EP - Tripmal Gruver - Limited Edition Vinyl


Tripmal Gruver
Fibonachi's Groove Remixture
Tripmal Gruver
Fibonachi's Groove (original )
Tripmal Gruver


  • Artist : Tripmal Gruver
  • Label : Genesis Project
  • Format : 1 x EP 12" (g)
  • CountryUnited States
  • GenresDeep HouseTech HouseTechno
  • Pressing200 Copies


Intellectual, progressive, peak hour, deep, dark & relentless. Navero-Cruising Evolutionary build up of trippy call & response tensions against a backdrop of driving rhythms culminating in a furor of relentless mayhem akin to the sounds of Berghain. Fibonachi's Groove chugs along in an aural Golden Ratio 303 maelstrom of non stop twists & turns underpinned by an infectious, groovy bassline.
note: Hey guys, Thanks for listening. I tried to do everything posssible in efforts to keep costs down as much as possible without compromising the integrity of the sound Quality & preserving the Integrity of the 3 tracks themselves. Rest assured, I gave it my all in this EP: sweat, tears, many a late night's efforts, countless revisions & analysis. Thank You Kindly.

United States

With origins hailing from the windy city, Tripmalgruver (Stymie K) retains elements of Blues based Chicago House influences music while retaining the integrity of his affair with Techno-trance of the purest strain. The result being a sublime mixture of infectious Grooves against a backdrop of relentless Rhythms & ethereal atmospherics.
He's been spinning his signature blend of Hypnotic Techno infusion since the early 90s & has nurtured his style across the country with residencies in Chicago & NYC's famed Liquids.
His original productions has been prolific with his most ambitious effort to date Navero