Mac DeMarco - Tycho - Rone - Babes In Woods - Roosevelt - Sziget Mix


Epoch - Tycho
Mac DeMarco - Tycho - Rone - Babes In Woods - Roosevelt
Bye Bye Macadam - Rone
Mac DeMarco - Tycho - Rone - Babes In Woods - Roosevelt
Prelude - Babes In Woods
Mac DeMarco - Tycho - Rone - Babes In Woods - Roosevelt
Fever - Roosevelt
Mac DeMarco - Tycho - Rone - Babes In Woods - Roosevelt
This Old Dog - Mac DeMarco
Mac DeMarco - Tycho - Rone - Babes In Woods - Roosevelt



Celebrating the Hungarian festival's 25 years, Sziget and Diggers Factory are making an exclusive vinyl compilation.
Representing the diversity of the festival’s lineup, Rone, Mac DeMarco, Tycho, Roosevelt and Babes In Woods are exclusively gathered for a 5 tracks electro/pop journey.
Now let's focus on the artists:

ø Tycho

Tycho is the musical project of the American producer and artist Scott Hansen. His music is a mix of breathing, wind or natural sounds, a musical genre known as ambient. Starting this project in 2002, this genius from the City By The Bay released in 2016 his 5th album called Epoch. You’ll find the eponym song on this Sziget Mix compilation.

ø Rone

Figurehead of InFiné label, the French artist Rone, whose real name is Erwan Castex, has released 2 albums, now considered as pillars in the french electro scene. Moving, evolutive, modern, Rone’s music always transports the auditors in a unique universe. Bye Bye Macadam is from “Tohu Bohu”, album acclaimed by the French and international critics.

ø Babes in Woods

Babes in Woods is a French collective of artists (singers, video makers, designers, etc) formed in 2016. Represented by 5 musicians on stage, the group sends a positive message to the youth, defending the idea that you should always chase and fulfill your dreams. The band mixes guitars, strong lyrics and lively drums. Discover one of their first tracks, Prelude.

ø Roosevelt

Roosevelt is the stage name of Marius Lauber, German singer, songwriter and producer. He released his self-titled debut album in 2016, which includes the hit “Fever” that we put in this compilation. His music offers a warm synth-pop sound. Roosevelt is also known for his music videos, for tracks like “Colour” and “Moving On” in particular.

ø Mac DeMarco

Mac DeMarco, a Canadian singer and songwriter, is always applauded by the critics. His guitar-based compositions are qualified of “quirky pop”. Often referred as the wacky musician, Mac DeMarco has a strong personality. He likes to make jokes and crazy videos. But with This Old Dog, his latest album released in May 2017, the canadian reaches another dimension, personal, melancholic and moving. “This Old Dog”, the eponym song, is already qualified as one of his best songs!