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Vinyl pressing

Diggers Factory was created to answer the 3 mains issues on the market concerning vinyl pressing.
Records are expensive

No need to pay anymore : with Diggers Factory, the fans fund the pressing of your records! Thanks to a pre-order system, the money used to pay the pressing is gathered before the production.

I don’t know how many records I need to produce

Problem solved : you define an objective of production (minimum is 50 records), a duration for the project and only the quantity pre-ordered is produced! No unsold records or stock to manage so you can’t lose money.

I don’t know the good partners

The vinyl market is fragmented with lots of different actors: pressing plants, distributor, mastering studios… With us, you have one contact person who guides you through all the value chain.

Reviews from artists
Diggers Factory is not only a solution to fund the pressing of your records. We also offer partners for the mastering, the distribution of your records in record shops all over the world, fulfillment worldwide to send the records to your fans, customer service and even promotion!

You have special demand like splatter record ? You want to produce less than 50 records ? Or you want to produce more than the number of pre-order to have some stock for you ? Let’s talk ! Everything is possible.
Still questions?
How Diggers Factory can offer a free solution ?
Diggers Factory is not free but as an artist, you don’t have to pay anything. We integrate our 25% commission on the sales price. So in the end, it’s the fan who pays our commission and fund the pressing in exchange of his record.
Which factory produce my records ?
Diggers Factory doesn’t have his own factory, yet. But we work with the best factories worldwide, MPO in France and Optimal in Germany which are 2 of the most oldest and biggest factories in the world.
What are the pressing delays ?
It depends on the factories but most of the time it’s between 6 and 9 weeks to produce the records. This time includes the test pressing which are used to verify the quality of the cutting before the launch of the final pressing.
Do I have to reach my objective of pre-orders ?
Not necessarily. If you don’t reach your objective, you can decide to pay for the rest of the pressing if there is a little lack of money. Or you can decide to produce less than expected to adapt the pressing and the demand.

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