Chayeb Chbab - Bent Al Chalabia
    Various Artists
    Geraldo Pino - Boogie Fever
    Various Artists
    Cléon & Jazzy Pidjay AKA Last Bongo in Paris - Allegro
    Various Artists
    The Doom Brotherz - Perfect World (L. Boy Jr. Remix)
    Various Artists
    The Doom Brotherz - Perfect World (Original)
    Various Artists
    Janko Nilovic - No More Sorrow
    Various Artists
    47Soul - Dabeekeh
    Various Artists
    Quiet Dawn - Dusk (Garonne remix)
    Various Artists
    Sa’bat Machine & Tam Ly - When The Wind Blows
    Various Artists
    Ahmed Malek - Aller simple
    Various Artists


    Star Wax, the famous French magazine, invites Diggers Factory for its 3rd compilation on vinyl. And what a compilation!
    We are proud to offer you exclusive tracks and quality music with this funk/hip hop/oriental compilation. The master will be done for the vinyl production. The second track will be remixed by the winner of the Star Wax X Diggers Factory contest.
    More information here: http://starwaxmag.com/starwax-x-diggersfactory-remix-contest

    Now let's talk a little bit about the artists:

    ø Chayeb Chbab

    He is originally an Algerian MC from Alger known as Diaz, founding member of MBS, author of 5 albums including the classic Le micro brise le silence, released on Universal in 1999.

    ø Geraldo Pino

    Geraldo Pino, who unfortunately died in 2008, was the only artist who scared Fela Kuti by his fame and style. Idolized in Africa during the 60’s and 70’s, he has been inspired by the founding father of funk, James Brown. This track is extract from the original vinyl Boogie Fever which can be sold up to 5000€!

    ø Last Bongo In Paris

    It's a Parisian duo composed by Cléon, former graffiti artist, DJ Battle expert and hip-hop dancer, and Jazzy Pidjay, beatmaker and long-time sound engineer. They are soul-funk and Brazilian music lovers.

    ø Doc Strange / The Doom Brotherz

    He is an English beatmaker. Influenced by Stones Throw, Mellow Music group, he picks his samples in the 60‘s/70’s soul and jazz. The winner of the contest, L. Boy Jr. has his remix pressed on vinyl. Still an exclusive title.

    ø Janko Nilovic

    Born in Istanbul in 1941, Janko Nilovic is a composer for more than fifty years. He was noticed for his «illustrative» tracks in movies and documentaries. Sampled by Dre, Jay-Z, to name but a few, Janko is a key French musician.

    ø 47Soul

    Natives of Jaffa, Ramallah, Amman and Washington, those four friends invented a genre named «Shamstep». Through conscious lyrics and various languages, 47Soul conveys a peace and freedom message using guitars, analogic synth and revolted beats.

    ø Quiet Dawn

    Signed by the brilliant label First Word Records, Quiet Dawn was spotted during a Boiler Room in London. He combines perfectly different genres, from Hip-Hop, to Deep House and Nu Jazz, as a beatmaking chemist. This Garonne remix, in an exclusive short version, comes from his remix album The First Day Remixed.

    ø Sa’Bat Machine & Tam Ly

    Sa’Bat Machine is a French self-taught producer who is especially signed on Kiosk Records, Six Degrees Records or Hadra Records. His music is a fusion of jazz, early dubstep and bass music, influenced by his Reunion origins.

    ø Ahmed Malek

    Said to be the Algerian Ennio Morricone, Ahmed Malek was part of the making of numerous cinema soundtracks. Born in 1931, he died in 2008. He had a strong interest in new technologies in music, creating the bond between traditional Algerian music and modern sonorities. This is an exclusive title, with Habibi Funk’s kind authorization.