Vinyl records of the week 06.05.19

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Focus on the french projects this week with Dee Nasty, Sameer Ahmad, Charles Trénet, La Belle Records and Bears Smoke Cigarettes!

Dee Nasty - Le Diamant est Eternel

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1998, released under the aegis of Maquis from the double album Dee Nasty presents The Diamond is eternal. In tribute to the godfather of French hip-hop, the greatest DJs of the French rap scene of the 80s and 90s will each compose a new title. The track listing is impressive: Cut Killer (113, Akhenaton, Doudou Masta), Abdel (113, nowhere else on Canal), Faster Jay (Ethnik Alliance), Crazy B (Ethnik Alliance, Birdy Nam Nam), DJ Clyde (NTM , Assassin), Cutee B (Cartel of Rhyme, Fabe, Bob Sinclar), Rebel (pioneer of the Marseille scene with IAM and Fonky Family), Nasser (Sector A, Passi), DJ LBR (Radio Nova, Afrika Bambaataa), Max (Radio Nova). Not to mention the presence of rappers like Morad, Faf the Rage, Big Brother Akim, Red 1, Driver, Majest'x, Sya, Soon who sign dazzling featurings for these virtuosos of mix and scratch. True shock electro hip-hop, the release of this opus is a sensation.
2019, Serial Producers decides to reissue this album which is more than just a reissue since Dee Nasty offers us three unreleased tracks featuring Dynamax and Grand Master Kaz, reminiscent of his great hours on Radio Nova and his productions on Celluloid Records. Now, it's time to discover or rediscover this jewel of the history of French rap.

Sameer Ahmad - Apaches

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Apaches is the 5th album of Sameer Ahmad.

To appear a little before the summer solstice, June 12, 2019.

Already author of 4 solo projects (not counting the recap EP "Ne Mourrez Jamais Seul" featuring Dany Dan & Sako), the Montpellier rapper returns with a new 10 tracks, available in digital, CD, K7 and soon in double vinyl, all in strictly limited editions.

Charles Trénet - Concert à la Varenne

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Coming back from Paris after a long stay in America, Charles Trenet gives a stunning performance at La Varenne in front of a public which is particularly familiar to him. There is his postman, which only flew in Charles’ songs, his baker, the very one who beat the dough with his arms in "Y a d’la joie", the head of the small station of La Varenne he evokes in "Revoir Paris"… It is an almost family recital whose atmosphere is quite singular, where he mixes new and old songs. This concert was recorded at the cinema Le Dôme in La Varenne Saint-Hilaire on the 16th may of 1954.

La Belle Records - One Night Stands

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8 years, 20 artists and 43 releases, the Parisian label La Belle Records has quickly established itself in the middle by its unique style ; trailblazer of electronic candies across the world and whose graphic direction's singularity is as sublime as undeniable. Today, he presents the One Night Stands series.

Not an umpteenth compilation but a unique collection of unreleased tracks, dug and selected with all the experience and the appetite of Antoine Harispuru (Golden Bug), co-founder of the label.

From London to Tel Aviv via Madrid and Paris, One Night Stands mixes well-established projects such as Golden Bug, In Fields, In Flagranti, Akkan and DESTIINO (Yuksek's side project), as well as new promises in the making such as Sebastopol, Youkounkoun, Ozzy and many others ...

Bears Smoke Cigarettes - Thru the ceiling

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After 6 months in Los Angeles, Bruno (Bears Smoke Cigarettes) returns with a new EP: "Thru the ceiling", more dancing but also more personal.
Composed on his return from California, he takes a tender look filled with a certain nostalgia that we all feel after returning from a trip. This feeling he translates it by a feeling of floating pushing him to let go. Driven by memories and all the good energy accumulated during his trip, he leads us ardently in an epic leaving room for the feast and the gentle caress of the California sun.

Rich of the human and sound meetings that guided his stay, this new EP is that of maturity. Indeed, these meetings pushed him to return to the rock of the 80s / 90s, his first influences, to confront them with his current inspirations anchored in electronic music. This mixture of sounds, give a singular identity to this EP.

After a whole year spent between 4 walls to produce this EP, it finally reveals to the public a collection of 5 titles. The first version of this EP was released in digital format in December 2018, this vinyl is the 2nd version it contains 2 exclusive bonus tracks.