Vinyl records of the week 05.29.19

Vinyl records of the week 05.29.19

May 29, 2019

Chill out with this special reggae selection: Israel Vibration, The Congos, The Mighty Diamonds, U Roy and The Gladiators!

Israel Vibration - Reggae Knights


Our "Knights of the Reggae" still defend the traditional values of "Roots Music" since they started in 1976 and their famous single "Bad Intention" which we find here recorded for the first time on an album! (It was only release on a single before).

The production includes their faithful sound engineer Christopher Daley (who mixed in 2009 the Burning Spear Grammy Award album “Jah is Real”!) Dean Fraser and Steve Golding (Original Roots Radics) for the arrangements and respectively for the artistic direction of brass instruments and guitars (magnificent chorus played by Golding).It is the vocalist Grub Cooper which orchestrated choirs. The album brings us in Jamaica such as we love it, definitely roots with "Bad Intention" or “Poor and Humble”, and also a return to the roots of Mento with the track "Cantankerous" where they describe the perception of people of the island by the English colonists.

Wiss and Skelly remains faithful to their ideas and their line of conduct determinedly pacifist and turned into the love of people and life with all the same new influences as in the song "Original Gangster" where they hijack the dancehall to criticize the lifestyle of a generation in loss of marks!

The Congos - Back in the Black Ark


More than thirty years after the fabulous " Heart of the Congos ", classified among ten better albums reggae of every time, The Congos, Cedric Myton, Ashanti Roy and Watty Burnett, find again Lee " Scratch " Perry in Jamaica to record their last album very exactly named "Back in the Black Ark".

Time had come to come back to studio and of put a new stone in the history of the reggae. " Back in the Black Ark " begin with the recording of a cover, Sam Cooke's " Chain Gang ", song speaking about the suffering of prisoners used as slaves, story of the most poignant for Jamaican.

Thirteen other titles of the album also have each their anecdote, but certainly the ones where Lee Perry put his voice which really represent the atmosphere which reigned in the studio during the sessions, "Spider Woman" and "Garden of Life", because they almost consisted there live and played directly by the musicians. That's Jamaica!

The Mighty Diamonds - Thugs in the Street


After almost 10 years « Thugs in the streets » is the new album released by The Mighty Diamonds in 2006 and it shows the three diamonds, Tabby, Bunny and Judge have still their golden voice ! Recorded with some of the top musicians in Jamaica including Sly Dunbar, Dean Fraser or Lloyd Parks mainly at Anchor studio all the songs from « Every other day » to « I need a roof » will remind you the golden age of harmony vocals trios like The Wailers, The Abyssinians or The Congos. But The Mighty Diamonds never broke and that’s why they are still strong and will bring you straight to the top.

U Roy - Rebel In Styyle


Rebel in Styylle is one of the last four U-Roy albums and on this one « The Originator » like people call him has decide to share each song with one artist, just to name a few : George Nooks, Anthony B, Bushman, Tony Curtis and used some of the top musicians in Jamaica to record like China Smith, Obeah, Axeman or Dean Fraser. So of course the result sounds like of the best U-Roy album and everyone who loves the king of toasters should have it!

The Gladiators - Once Upon A Time In Jamaica


A true melodic sensitivity inspires these gladiators. Moreover, the emotional voice of Albert Griffiths singing the faith in Jah brings an irresistible strength ("Wicked Man"). There is also a natural cheerfullness, almost like a vital breathe, which inspires hope and joy of living. "Good Good Loving", with his happy choruses, his frivolous guitar, makes instantly smile. This album fits very naturally in a roots genre because the authors are among those who created the genre, and when they sing "Unite", we are craving to join them.