Install a turntable: brain teaser or child's play?

Install a turntable: brain teaser or child's play?

May 28, 2019

Patience, diligence, dexterity ... Aficionados or neophytes, discover our advice to install your turntable!


Regular reading of the user manual and a little patience are enough to install what will allow you to listen to your favorite vinyls. Depending on the model, a touch of dexterity may be needed... In any case, manipulations that may cause serious problems should not be a problem, because on some entry-level models adjustments are already made at the factory, and if you choose a platinum more upscale these manipulations are only to be realized during the very first installation (then in case of moving maybe!). A bit like the installation of application on smartphone ... or the time change on the microwave.

How could you chose the ideal turntable?


If you're hesitating between a suitcase board, a plastic model and a Pro-Ject board, do not hesitate, choose the first Pro-Ject award. If your amp is already equipped with a phono preamp (phono jack on the back) for less than 200 € (Primary E models, Elemental ...) you invest in sustainable, quality ... and a guarantee of security also for your records that do not look like that, but they are fragile! If your amp has only line outputs, no panic, a model less than 300 € already preamplified will bring you a lot of satisfaction. Installation in a single connection will also be done in two to three movements, not to lose a minute and listen to your black cakes urgently.
Regarding materials, Pro-Ject has always banned the plastic of its turntables because this material is particularly unstable, causing unwanted vibrations and audible during playback. This is also the defect of glass in general and to a lesser extent. We will find all the same glass entry-level, mainly for aesthetic reasons and a lower cost thus allowing to offer a more affordable price to users. In short there is turntable and turntable. If all the turntables will be able to read the vinyls, they will not do it with the same level of quality. And also think that vinyls are fragile, a diamond on a poorly tuned cell can make them very wrong! For this reason too, do not neglect the choice of quality.

What do I need to listen to a vinyl?


It is necessary to count 4 imperative elements:

*The turntable obviously, whose tray turns at the necessary speed.

*A phono preamp that can preamp the signal from the deck, the latter is particularly low, it is necessary to preamp the signal level of a CD or radio for example to avoid critical sound changes if you go from to one another.

*Once preamplified, the deck needs to be amplified to hear something in the speakers.

*The speakers are the last necessary element. Generally passive, they only deploy the best possible what the amp offers them! Without him, it's impossible to shake the walls of the living room! Many of us are already equipped with at least some speakers, sometimes even a string. All that remains is to find the right model of platinum and preamp (sometimes 2 in 1, when the preamp is directly integrated in the deck).

If you are not yet equipped at all, that we have none of the 4 elements, do not neglect any of them. They must all be balanced with each other. No need to choose the most high-end turntable and preamp first price for example. Better a balance between the elements and the price is often a fairly accurate marker to make a good choice.
At Pro-Ject you can also opt for an all-in-one model such as the Juke Box E. This deck also has a phono preamp and an amp, it remains only to choose speakers (the Speakers Box 5, first prize at Pro-Ject are of excellent quality).In any case, avoid models with integrated speakers. The signal of a turntable is fragile so the slightest movement experienced by the turntable is interpreted by the cell while it reads the microgroove. Stereo level, to enjoy an optimal sound immersion, speakers side by side are really not ideal.
If you know that in a more or less near future you dream of upgrading your material choose a Debut Carbon Pro-Ject. Absolutely iconic model it is positioned at less than 500 € and is equipped with very precise materials, such as the carbon fiber arm, the cell 2M Red Ortofon with the immense reputation, a steel tray of great stability... By adding an amp and a preamp in the form of external boxes, you ensure the possibility after a few years or months if you are in a hurry, improve your channel with an even better cell, an even more efficient tray etc!

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