Vinyl records of the weekend 05.17.19

Vinyl records of the weekend 05.17.19

May 16, 2019

Discover a brand new selection for the weekend : Sameer Ahmad, Pat Lok, Protonica, Maelstrom & Louisahhh and Badroaches!

Sameer Ahmad - Apaches


Apaches is the 5th album of Sameer Ahmad.

To appear a little before the summer solstice, June 12, 2019.

Already author of 4 solo projects (not counting the recap EP "Ne Mourrez Jamais Seul" featuring Dany Dan & Sako), the Montpellier rapper returns with a new 10 tracks, available in digital, CD, K7 and soon in double vinyl, all in strictly limited editions.

Pat Lok - Corazòn


Vancouver’s Pat Lok has become a staple in the playlists of tastemakers worldwide as the sole Canadian artist on legendary French label Kitsune and the first act signed to Pete Tong’s new PTSongs. Combining feel good vibes with a love of R&B, soul and house music, his catalog of club hits and DJ faves has racked up millions of plays and consistently topped Hype Machine.

Pat Lok has had quite the 2018. Following his debut acclaimed album out on Kitsuné Musique, he went on tour with EDM famous duet Galan tis, and shared with a worldwide audience his “frisky, colour soaked” (Clash) new singles, among which is to be found ‘Might Be On Fire (feat. Sam Fischer)’ a summery gem that gathers today over 1M plays over streaming platforms. Starting June, he took the road again and "soundtrack many summer time shenanigans" (Acid Stag) as he ensured DJ Sets from Los Angeles to Tokyo. In the meantime, in France, his delicious Café Kitsuné Mix was aired on the Parisian brand’s trendy terrace and displayed on every cups to go.

Protonica - Symmetry


Protonica are renowned as one of the world's leading psytrance duos, and their emotive psychedelic soundscapes echo through the scene with deep resonance, leaving their mark on all who have experienced their soulful, stomping melodies. With a real sense for quality production and a finger on the pulse of the formula that moves hearts and feet, their driving sequences and acute attention to detail hit the mark each and every time. Atmospheric, flowing, and beautifully powerful, the signature Protonica sound once again takes us straight into the essence of pure, progressive psychedelic music.

'Symmetry' features two phenomenal collaborations with Liquid Soul and Ticon, a beautifully polished remix to the Captain Hook & Ace Ventura classic 'E.B.E', and a remix for Atmos' legendary track 'The Only Process', closing off the journey with a deep chillout track featuring ethereal vocals by Irina Mikhailova.

Maelstrom & Louisahhh - Silence is violence


Rapid, nasty, biting, raw: Silence is Violence is a fresh take on ‘digital hardcore’ from techno-punk champions, Maelstrom and Louisahhh. Early reviews include “makes the ears bleed”, a fact which has been embraced (and celebrated) by the track’s creators. ‘Silence is violence, don’t you know, it always hurts the most to grow’.

Badroaches - Cosmic Viking Wizard Funk


The artist's message: "Cosmic Viking Wizard Funk created amongst intergalactic nordic pine forests, recorded on a modified geiger counter hooked up to a flux capacitor and ancient rune stones via a soda stream machine. Torb the Roach lays the cosmic landscape for the mystic imaginings of Ken Masters. Brain melding wordplay meets neck fracturing beats. All this tied together with the visual alchemy of Sune, making this an all round unmissable mythological masterpiece.
Cosmic Viking Wizard Funk is proudly escorted through the Bifrost by two powerhouses in Northern Hip Hop - Northentic Records and Killamari, so you know from the track record that this is going to bang like the Mjölnir. Peace."