Vinyl records of the week 05.08.19

Vinyl records of the week 05.08.19

May 7, 2019

Discover the freshest vinyl records of this week with : The Supermen Lovers, Bob Sinclar & Robbie Williams, Heron, Eye'z, Sawt and Korros!

The Supermen Lovers, Bob Sinclar & Robbie Williams - Romantico Starlight


After a lengendary collab with Robbie Williams, which gave us the track "Electro Romantico", Bob Sinclar decides to breathe new life to the iconic "Starlight" from The Supermen Lovers, giving birth to: "Romantico Starlight"

Heron - Selected Soma Works


With this project series "Selected Works", the German techno producer, DJ and label owner Heron realizes his dream to release his probably strongest productions on vinyl and relaunches Tim Grothe's and his recordlabel Extrakt at the same time.

Beginning with the first twelve inch "Selected Soma Works" Heron throws his most emotional piece "Foolish Solina" in the room, followed by the dark and powerful production "The Wave". Rounding out this record with the instrumental version of "Reborn", a tool techno piece from the Chicago corner, Heron delivers three timeless pieces, that fit every dance floor today and in the future.

Eye'z - Still A Rainbow


Pop singer Eye'z releases her long awaited single... Still a rainbow a dreamy, emotional driven, upbeat tune that is bound to strike a chord with listeners.

Sawt - Perma-Imputs


PERMA-INPUTS is the result of putting raw sounds from the real world together, exploring the common details between those and adjusting them in order to shape coherent patterns and one sonic identity. About the Harara label : "First Palestinian Electronic Music Record Label - based between Haifa, Ramallah and Berlin. Our sounds represent the reactions to the void that has been pretending to face the oppression and the injustice on our planet. Freedom Fighters who drive the booth, the floor where we are loudly scream, the crowd where prophets exist."

Korros - Spheral


Korros' message: "For our first release on the our label 51 Degrees North Recordings, it's important for us to propose a vinyl edition for those who wish.

Help us to complete this project!

51 Degrees North recordings"