Vinyl records of the week 05.01.19

Vinyl records of the week 05.01.19

January 5, 2019

Chill out with this vinyl records selection: La Belle Records, Shervaan Bergsteedt, U Roy, Monologues Compilation and Seeyousoon!

La Belle Records - One Night Stands


8 years, 20 artists and 43 releases, the Parisian label La Belle Records has quickly established itself in the middle by its unique style ; trailblazer of electronic candies across the world and whose graphic direction's singularity is as sublime as undeniable. Today, he presents the One Night Stands series.

Not an umpteenth compilation but a unique collection of unreleased tracks, dug and selected with all the experience and the appetite of Antoine Harispuru (Golden Bug), co-founder of the label.

Shervaan Bergsteedt - Silently silent


There is magic made by melody; A spell of rest, and quiet breath, and cool heart, that sinks through fading colors deep to the subaqueous stillness of the sea, and flows forever in a moon-green pool, held in the arms of rhythm and of sleep. This is what you can expect to hear in Silently silent

U Roy - Rebel In Styyle


Rebel in Styylle is one of the last four U-Roy albums and on this one « The Originator » like people call him has decide to share each song with one artist, just to name a few : George Nooks, Anthony B, Bushman, Tony Curtis and used some of the top musicians in Jamaica to record like China Smith, Obeah, Axeman or Dean Fraser. So of course the result sounds like of the best U-Roy album and everyone who loves the king of toasters should have it !

Various Artists - Monologues Compilation


Monologues Compilation is an experimental project involving Ambient, Jazz fusion, Trip-hop, IDM, Drone sound patterns and melodies. Despite their aesthetical differences, genuinely arranged and produced compositions share one in common, intensity for an experiment and discovery.

All arrangements were thoughtfully recorded, by Estonian contemporary artists and musicians.

Seeyousoon - Wanderland


Seeyousoon is Raadsel and ADNT joining forces. After spending the past decade in the studio improving their sonic skillset, both individually and as a team, they felt it was time to release their music onto the world. Wanderland is a selection of 11 tracks which we felt represent the journey ADNT and Raadsel have been through in all those years working together.