Vinyl records of the week 04.24.19

Vinyl records of the week 04.24.19

April 24, 2019

Focus on pop vinyl records with : Andrea Zimansky, Sign Here, Lost Tuesday Society, Siamès and Kitsuné!

Andrea Zimansky - New Wave


The project stems from a collaboration between the art of music and the visuals arts. This is a collaboration between Andrea and Lindsay Rapp, an amazingly talented visual artist based in Laguna Beach, California. The concept is to have the painting represent what the visual artist feels when listening to the song.

Sign Here - Sign Here


Sign Here is the album from the collaboration of Fabien Remblier and Eric Lee in 1993. If you are nostalgic of the 90's atmosphere and its TV series, this project is made for you!

Lost Tuesday Society - Lost Tuesday Society


The group's message: "This is the debut album from Lost Tuesday Society re issued on vinyl only for a limited run. We are really excited to see this album on vinyl. All profit made will go straight back into recording and mastering our next album which we've already started to do. We can't wait for you to hear that too. Thank you so much for supporting us."

Siamés - Bounce Into The Music


Seeking to push the boundaries of what defines a “band” nowadays, SIAMÉS members, Stoltz and Blakk envision their project as a place of inspiration for mediums beyond music recordings. This desire prompted them to seek out stellar artistic producer Guillermo Porro [Make Mama Proud] and talented RUDO Co., animators and directos of their outstanding animé styled videos.

“Bounce Into The Music” is packed with upbeat Indie Pop-Rock sounds, synth and guitar licks, ambitious baselines and constant groove. Stoltz’s consistently melodic vocals are the perfect complement to Mr. Blakk’s varied musical arrangements. The band sites Portugal. The Man, Foster The People Gorillaz, and Kasabian among their influences.

Various Artists - Kitsuné Love


Kitsuné Love is the first compilation of a long series for the Parisian label. It is a real success which works because it is built around a common theme imposed on all artists: love, avoiding any shipwreck in the rose water. Created in 2002, here is copies of the original pressing, 3xLP, including PLAYGROUP, Trevor Jackson's group, DJ Gregory, Julien Jabre, Alan Braxe, Ernest Saint Laurent.