Why should artists curate playlists to promote their music?

Why should artists curate playlists to promote their music?

May 13, 2024

The music marketing landscape is ever changing. With the appearance of new platforms and technologies, marketing strategies need to be constantly updated to get the most effective results. Although formats and trends are constantly changing, the key objectives of marketing strategies remain the same. These key objectives include community building, generating streams, brand development and collaboration with other creators. Creating and curating a playlist is an activity that can tackle all these objectives and lead the way to consistent and successful marketing. Let’s take a deeper look at how this works as a great promotional tool.

Playlist curation drives streams

Creating and updating a playlist is a great way to promote your own music. The cool part of playlist curation is that you have full control over the songs included on the list - you can decide which songs go in and when a song is no longer a fit. Having a well curated playlist can increase the chances of listeners finding your music. The aim is to get the listeners to keep coming back and streaming your playlist multiple times. Once curators (and artists) have consistent playlist listeners, they have control over genuine streams, making themselves more independent from other marketing methods.


Playlist Promotion Helps with Marketing

Building a following of a playlist may seem difficult - but a great starting point is promoting the playlist via paid ads such as Meta.
Playlist promotion can help in forming defined audiences for retargeting. This is beneficial, as a playlist is usually based around a specific genre or activity - and this targeting tends to be broader than the targeting for a specific single/release. In theory, you can open up your marketing funnel to find new fans within your specific genre who might not have been easily targetable before.
If you’ve set up a pixel to promote the playlist, you can then use these clicks or interactions on your ad to build ‘lookalike audiences’ to promote your music or future playlists too.

Playlist curation helps with branding and community building

Having a unique brand and showcasing an authentic personality will help you stand out as an artist and leave a lasting impression on your audience. Playlist curation is one way to communicate a unique style and personality beyond the traditional forms of content and communication.

Curating playlists provides artists with a platform to showcase their diverse musical tastes and influences. By sharing the songs that resonate with you personally, you are inviting fans to immerse themselves deeper into your artistic mind. This establishes a more profound connection between you and your audience.

Playlist curation promotes collaboration

Collaboration has always been a driving force in the music industry, and playlist curation is no different.
By curating playlists, you can cross-promote with other artists, building a sense of community within your niche and opening a door for potential joint ventures. The shared exposure benefits everyone involved, creating a network of mutual support.

How DailyPlaylists facilitates playlist curation for artists


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That’s how playlist curation can boost your marketing strategy. Are you ready to make your music heard?

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