Apr 29, 2024

As we do every month, we've selected three artists we've discovered at Diggers Factory!
Hip-hop, electro or even rock: "Artists to Watch" is the new series of articles we'll be bringing you on a regular basis. So stay tuned, because here are our Diggscoveries #6...You can also find our twitter thread @diggersfactory to chat with us about this selection!

Bob Marlich - Les points sur L'Haÿ


Bob Marlich is a French rapper who grew up in the suburbs of Paris. He took his first steps in music in 2017 with his debut EP “Échauffement ”and followed it up with several projects that helped forging his artistic identity.
His new mixtape, “Les points sur L'Haÿ”, released on April 9th, 2024, features 15 tracks with a wide variety of sounds. The presence of Jwles and Le Lij, artists very close to Marlich as well as 8ruki, also enriched the project.

A detail that will please all hip-hop fans, the title of the mixtape proudly refers to the first album by Mafiak1fry's group Intouchable.

Discover the project now on vinyl and CD, available for pre-order on our website!

Geller – Couch Fever


Austin Geller is a versatile artist and composer hailing from Los Angeles, renowned for his talent in crafting immersive sonic landscapes through innovative experimentation. With over 5 million streams under his belt, Geller has made a significant mark as a solo artist. His music, which places a strong emphasis on texture and atmosphere, draws inspiration from a diverse array of influences. Beyond his solo endeavors, Geller extends his creative prowess to the realm of film and television as a seasoned composer, having lent his musical expertise to a multitude of features, shorts, and brand advertisements.

His debut EP “Couch Fever” is now available on vinyl featuring a special live rendition of "Pointillism" as a bonus track !

Don’t wait to embark on a captivating journey through his sonic universe.



In 2023, the post-hardcore rock band FOXCULT made their debut with several singles and their first 5-track EP “THE INDIGO FAULT”. With their powerful, contemplative music and dense, overwhelming soundscapes, the Seattle-based band has quickly seen a growing success.

While the post-hardcore genre is predominantly male-dominated, FOXCULT sets itself apart by being all-female and advocating strong values of inclusivity. In an instagram post, guitarist Ashley Carrera described the band's aim as “creating a safe space in metal and rock for transgender and queer people”.

They'll be back in July with their long-awaited second EP, “THE AMETHYST DRIFT”.

Enter the band's musical universe by pre-ordering “WATERCOLORS : 0”, a vinyl including the EP “THE INDIGO FAULT” and “THE AMETHYST DRIFT”!

At Diggers Factory, we help emerging artists to produce their vinyls, and to introduce them to the public. So follow us for new musical discoveries!