Vinyl records of the week 04.03.19

Vinyl records of the week 04.03.19

April 3, 2019

Focus on electronic vinyl records with: DJ Pierre, Solstice, Elbi, Tom Day, Osunlade !



2019 marks 35 years since DJ Pierre started DJing and began laying the groundwork forwhat would become Acid House. His new, seven-part series of 35 remixes of Phuture’s ‘Acid Track’ is a celebration Pierre’s first monumental release and the spark for a new genre that changed dance music forever. After a first volume staring the likes of KiNK, Bloody Mary and Paco Osuna comes part two, again on limited edition coloured vinyl, featuring heavyweight remixes from Carl Cox, Luciano, Anfisa Letyago, Lorenzo Cheng and Najel Monteiro.

Intec label boss, RESISTANCE Ibiza resident and long-time dance music titan Carl Cox is as in demand now as he ever was. His spin on ‘Acid Track’ is one that teases and pleases with big builds and hard hitting drums. The acid line is paired right back then grows throughout until taking over and blowing the roof off any club. Swiss-Chilean minimal master Luciano brings the sort of elongated intrigue you would expect of the Cadenza founder. His dubby version builds the pressure with sci-fi pads swirling round the drums while a manic but soft-edged acid line freely evolves and takes you on a trip deep into the dead of night.

Siberian born, Napoli based fast rising star Anfisa Letyago has made her mark on Nervous this year and here offers a no nonsense, pounding acid techno banger with mind melting vocal riffs that loop you into a frenzy. Dutchman Lorenzo Cheng is another one on the rise and his contribution is a heavy hitting weapon with stomping drums and frantic acid blistering its way through the grooves, while last of all is Rotterdam new school talent Najel Monteiro with a fat, dubwise remix that allows the ripping 303 centre stage.

This is another fresh package that proceeds later volumes featuring some of the biggest names from dance music past, present and future.

Watch our video focus on the DJ who created acid house music :

Solstice - Yelrih One


The enigmatic Solstice brings us his “Yelrih One” EP, a four-tracker comprised of the eponymous namesake and three interpretations by a handful of keen peers. The original ‘Fall’ is the French producer at his deepest and most characteristic: a slow burner that’s pure atmosphere and haunting vocals courtesy of Lea Luxanima. Juan then swoops in to turn up the echo, giving us an even more cinematic version before Anton Dhouran strips things back to focus on Lea’s voice and accompanying keys. This one begs for a sunrise session near a body of water, though it’s Ivory’s final remix that has all the trappings of a dance floor igniter.

Elbi - Colourful Shores


Colourful Shores EP (24th of February 2017 on Animal Records) unveils a parallel universe of sanctuary and adventure, layered in texture and universality. With its core focused around improvisation and analogic vibe, the feel of this record is incredibly spontaneous. The acoustic nuances mesmerize and hypnotize. It dances through the body and reaches out for the other. Together in rhythm beyond the holds of space and time: catharsis.

Tom Day - Selected Works


Tom Day's message:
"Since I started releasing EPs and Albums, I've never had my solo work pressed to vinyl. The upfront costs (especially here in Australia) are quite high and unfortunately I just didn't have the funds to cover it all. After being shown Diggers Factory I thought it'd be a great opportunity to finally have some of my work pressed and hence here I am :)

This 2xLP features a selection of work across all different releases as well as those tracks that people have asked for on my Facebook page. As much as Id like to include everything, it will just blow out the costs and make the overall product a tad too expensive.

NOTE: This is the 2nd pressing of "Selected Works" - again, I hope it gets over the line. For those who have asked for a 2nd pre-order, be sure to share around to maximise the chances this goes ahead!"

Cheers Tom"

Various artists - Osunlade Presents Racially Charged


Osunlade Presents Racially Charged featuring philly's own scholar and speaker of our time, Rich Medina and newcomer Aturah, a poet and writer hailing from St Louis. Here we bring into focus the reality of the racial tensions and affects of todays world especially that of the USA. Two stories are the setting for this release but not out of the norm in what we see and experience as people of color. Rich offers "The Sickness" featuring backing vocals by Osunlade & piano by Yoruba Soul's Jesse Gannon. Along with a rare b side instrumental. Aturah's "They Say" tells the true story of Danye Jones, yet another sad story of police brutality experienced amongst black men in America. Including a remix from Yoruba newcomer and 1/2 of po-lar-i-ty, Burlie Mac This ones not for the faint at heart but we are challenging and making no excuses for our rage! This project produced by Osunlade and mastered by Atjazz promises truth and a message warranted and some foot stompin all at once. We hope you enjoy and support this release!