Feb 27, 2024

Interview with Mica Johnson from Remedy Motel

They tried and approved our services! Our interview with Mica Johnson from the group Remedy Motel

We’ve got the chance to interview Mica Johnson, an important member of the Remedy Motel group. His successful campaign allowed him to produce a vinyl version of the album “We all around us” in 2023. We came back together on his experience and his impressions!


What was the motivation to make records?

I always wanted to have a vinyl record of my own music. We decided to record our 5th record nearly 16 years after we released our 4th record on CD. So for us, it was a significant revival and milestone for our band and our music making. We wanted to do something special and printing a few vinyl copies to commemorate our return to music felt appropriate and right to us.

Why did you choose Diggers Factory?

We researched a lot of vinyl record houses and production outfits, and simply put Digger’s Factory just seemed like the best option out there. We came across their name through our distributor at the time and when I visited their website for the first time, it was obvious that they were operating at a higher level than the competition. The website looked more professional, the information on their site was clear and well-packaged. The pricing model seemed fair and comprehensive. We LOVED the Pre-sale model and landing page approach to reduce our own initial out-of-pocket expense. Risk free to run a pre-sale was really enticing and helped eliminate any cost anxieties we had about the undertaking. Their approach just made it doable for us. That's simple.

How useful our services were for you?

Like I said. The big one from the outset was the landing page and presale approach. From the start that really helped us to kick things off quickly. All we had to do was supply them with some content for the page, the song files and the album cover and we were off and ready to sell. They did the rest. Even supplying us with images to use in our social media promotions and advertising, as well as seamless order taking and payment processing along with confirmation emails to customers and updates throughout the presale. The web interface that we had on the back end to check in with presale progress and sales numbers was amazingly helpful and clear. The fulfillment of orders was critical for us as well. Digger’s handled that perfectly and provided updates to customers between order date and shipping date to head off any confusion or complaints around timing or long production cycles.

How the overall process went / How did you feel about the communication with our project/production managers?

I can’t tell you enough how happy we all were with Digger’s Factory. Above all else, the people that we had assigned to our project at every step of the process were wonderful. Each and every one of them was an expert at their stage of the process and able to answer any questions we had, however small or large. Everyone was so pleasant and accommodating and genuine. We always felt like our project was in good hands and that we were being taken care of by people who sincerely cared about our project. Our final product was exactly as we had envisioned it to be. Printing on the sleeve and outer sleeve were perfect. Any concerns they had with press checks or files we had send them, they would always double check with us to ensure that is how we wanted things to be or if we had overlooked something. They are meticulous and held all of their attention to the smallest details of our production. We didn’t always know what we should be looking for when reviewing files, and they did. They held our hand whenever we needed them to and they never showed anything but professionalism and patience with us when we had concerns or questions. Always willing and wanting to explain what we needed to understand better. We never moved on to any next steps or stages until they knew we were ready and comfortable doing so. If we ever needed our hand held, they were happy to do it. They have the best people you could hope for.

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