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      Introducing "Dig" points


      Having friends is good. Making them Diggers is even better.

      Because community is the core of our platform, we choose to reward Diggers contributing to its development. Invite your friends to register on Diggers Factory and get free records offered by our teams in return!

      By sponsoring your friends, you can now earn “Dig” points saved in the “My Digs” section of your account. There, you’ll also find a four-digit “sponsor code” you’ll need to give to your godchildren so that they can enter it when registering.

      Each sponsored friend earns you points, but not only:

      • sponsoring a friend on Diggers Factory earns you 1 point - note that while you can invite as many friends as you want, you can’t earn more than 10 points per month from sponsorships
      • similarly, you earn points when you’re sponsored by a friend: registering with a sponsor code earns you 5 points as soon as you validate your e-mail address
      • of course, pre-ordering projects on the platform earns you points as well: contributing to a project that ultimately reaches its sales objective earns you 10 points - those 10 points are not recorded if the project is cancelled or doesn’t reach its sales objective
      • finally, each contribution to a project from one of your godchildren earns you 5 points - the same applies to their pre-orders: points will be recorded only if the project reaches completion

      Thus, sponsorships and pre-orders on the platform (including those already placed since the launch of our service) guarantee you a free vinyl from our catalog as soon as you collect 100 Digs.

      Collaborative spirit is the very essence of our community, so don’t wait any longer and invite your friends to take part to the Diggers Factory adventure!

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        Introducing "Dig" points

        Because community is the core of our platform, we choose to reward Diggers contr...
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