Vinyl records of the week 03.27.19

Vinyl records of the week 03.27.19

March 27, 2019

A special "spring vibes" vinyl selection this week with: The Gladiators, Kitsune, Vincent Bastille, TTTedm and Clément Ferrignio!

The Gladiators - Once Upon A Time In Jamaica


A true melodic sensitivity inspires these gladiators. Moreover, the emotional voice of Albert Griffiths singing the faith in Jah brings an irresistible strength ("Wicked Man"). There is also a natural cheerfullness, almost like a vital breathe, which inspires hope and joy of living. "Good Good Loving", with his happy choruses, his frivolous guitar, makes instantly smile. This album fits very naturally in a roots genre because the authors are among those who created the genre, and when they sing "Unite", we are craving to join them.

Various Artists - Kitsune Love


Kitsuné Love is the first compilation of a long series for the Parisian label. It is a success that works because it is built around a common theme imposed on all artists: love, avoiding any sinking with rose water. Created in 2002, here it is in its original pressing, 3xLP, and therefore in extremely limited edition. we find among others PLAYGROUND the group of Trevor Jackson, DJ Gregory, Julien Jabre, ALan Braxe, Ernest Saint Laurent ...

Vincent Bastille - Gumbing


Originally linked to the history of the DJs, his name comes from the Warehouse, a Chicago club where DJ Frankie Knuckles played. The house can be described as a minimal rythm, a bass line close to the funk, to this are often added voices, sampled or not. In this case, we will prefer that of tech house and tribal house, the enhancement of percussion and textures whose enrichment and dynamics transcend the listener. In this movement everyone has their own identity, some turntablists emeritus that make the sounds clash, Vincent Bastille has a very dynamic style and drawing his inspiration in disco or fun, family passion. In his studio, Vincent Bastille incorporates his own power to this musical genre and strengthens everything with varied and changing beats. More than any of his future works, "Gumbing" has a strong dynamic unit that makes this disc a whole, light and perfectly balanced, whose monotony is absent.

TTTedm - The Party


TTTedm.'s : message: "The party was created back in 2016 with the intentions to make people move when they hear the sounds coming from there speakers. Inspired from a lot of my favourite's from the Banging tunes days. I love the rolling basses and the cranky horn as the lead of the song, demonic keys also hitting the spot of my taste, this track was made on Ableton 9 with the help of my VST buddy Nexus and is also released digitally on all platforms I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I have creating it."

Clément Ferrigno - Atlas


"Atlas" in an orchestral-classical piece written in the spirit of a great soundtrack. It is a travel during the greek period where it explores popular myths and beliefs. From "Apollon" to "Dionysos", discover the fantastic world of Clément Ferrigno's romantic vision of greek myths.