Artist communication : The importance of relationship marketing

Artist communication : The importance of relationship marketing

Oct 30, 2023

Today, communication is an essential step for artists who want to promote their music. In addition to gaining notoriety, which today can be acquired largely via social networks, it's important to build fan loyalty and establish a close relationship with them. Being known and having many subscribers is not always the best indicator of success. Some artists have a small but extremely loyal and committed fan base, supporting them at every album release or concert. Building a loyal fanbase right from the start of a musical career is crucial.


Here are a few essential elements to consider when developing an effective relationship marketing strategy:


1. Creating a close relationship with fans

While this may seem obvious, the impact of interactions between artists and their fans, particularly on social networks, should not be overlooked. Of course, this doesn't mean you have to respond to every comment or message you receive. Still, it's very interesting to respond to fans showing their support. The survey tools available on platforms such as Instagram, for example, make it possible to answer fans' questions and share things with them. Other actions such as opening a Discord channel or a broadcast channel on Instagram offer the chance to share information, and even offer the most loyal fans exclusive content. These actions can prove highly effective in building a loyal and engaged community, essential to an artist's long-term success in the music industry.

2. Rewarding loyalty and commitment

When an artist is at the beginning of his career, his first fans are very important, as they help to share his music, particularly through word of mouth. While thanking them is important, it's also a good idea to reward them for their support. This can take the form of a competition to win a physical copy of a project, an exclusive listening session or a meeting with the artist. Swiss rapper Mairo, for example, regularly invites his fans to respond to messages posted on his instagram channel in a bid to win a ticket to one of the concerts on his tour. Another example is Lady Donli, who offered fans the chance to attend a free listening session for her latest album in a London coffee shop. These different actions not only stimulate the engagement of existing fans, but also attract new supporters, drawn by the opportunity to be part of a passionate and privileged community.





3. Involve them in the creative process

Finally, don't hesitate to occasionally involve your fans in the creative process of your music. Thanks to the various polling tools available on Instagram, for example, it's possible to ask fans what they think of a track extract, artwork or instrumental. It can also be very interesting to share content showing fans behind the scenes of the recording of a track or the making of a project. Sheldon, rapper and founding member of the 75th Session collective, has  for example launched weekly lives on the Twitch platform to immerse his fans in the intimacy of his recording studio and show them how he works. In addition to creating a close relationship, this type of initiative can be highly effective in satisfying fans who, beyond being listeners, feel they are players in the creative process.


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