Vinyl records of the week 03.20.19

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Focus on hip-hop vinyl records with : DJ Cam, Realio Sparkzwell, M.U.D.K.I.D.S,  Nametag Alexander and Badroaches !

DJ Cam - Underground Vibes

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Released in 1994 on his own label, Laurent Daumail's first album, aka DJ Cam, added a French response to the hip-hop manipulations then performed around the world and whose label Mo'Wax (Shadow, Krush, UNKLE .. .) was for example the echo.

Covering very different realities, the term trip-hop begins to appear without satisfaying anyone. In this case, we will prefer the "abstract hip hop" term, as the development of climates and textures whose enrichment and dynamics are replaced by the power of words. DJ Cam sets in this movement a very flowing style which finds its inspiration in jazz, a passion inherited from his father.

In his test tube, Cam incorporates the language and melancholy of this musical genre, with well-felt samples, scratches, reinforced with all kinds of varied and changing beats.

More than any of his future works, Underground Vibes has a strong melodic unit that makes this disc a whole, light and perfectly homogeneous, whose monotony is absent.

Realio Sparkzwell - Monoatomic Gold

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This album is completely produced, executive produced, written, and performed by Realio Sparkzwell. This time delivering exclusive soulful chops and breaks with cinematic theme music to paint vivid pictures of street life mixed with fly lyricism and wordplay. This is another solid piece of artwork showing and proving Mr. Sparkzwell can stand on his own and hold it down for the culture.

M.U.D.K.I.D.S - Dirty & Dusty Vinyl EP

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Composed of Russ Johnson, the MC (Rusty a.k.a., Choc Soreel, Dangeruss) and Tyler Knapp, the DJ (a.k.a. Elp-Mass), the group M.U.D.K.I.D.S is seen as one of the most popular ones in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. Their style is reminiscient of old-school pioneers like The Pharcyde or A Tribe Called Quest, mixing wordplay and obscure samples. More than 20 years after their first album (4-Track mind), they propose this year a 6 titles EP recalling their mastery of the Boom Bap with sounds that will delight fans of the genre.

Nametag Alexander - Hello Victory

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Hello Victory finds veteran emcee Nametag Alexander celebrating accomplishment and lamenting over lessons learned on the road to success. He does so over production that is never crowded, but instead filled to the brim with hard drums, lush backing vocals and inspired lyricism thanks to executive producer and multi-instrumentalist Black Bethoven. Did we mention that they’re brothers too? With his family in tow, you can hear the confidence in his voice as Nametag Alexander retells the makings of his career with an intimacy that is yet to be paralleled when compared to his own work. From the blue collar to the boardroom, Hello Victory is a win for all.

Badroaches - Cosmic Viking Wizard Funk

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Cosmic Viking Wizard Funk created amongst intergalactic nordic pine forests, recorded on a modified geiger counter hooked up to a flux capacitor and ancient rune stones via a soda stream machine. Torb the Roach lays the cosmic landscape for the mystic imaginings of Ken Masters. Brain melding wordplay meets neck fracturing beats. All this tied together with the visual alchemy of Sune, making this an all round unmissable mythological masterpiece. Cosmic Viking Wizard Funk is proudly escorted through the Bifrost by two powerhouses in Northern Hip Hop - Northentic Records and Killamari, so you know from the track record that this is going to bang like the Mjölnir. Peace.