Thirsty Vinyl: The Perfect Pair of Beer and Vinyl

Thirsty Vinyl: The Perfect Pair of Beer and Vinyl

Sep 30, 2023

Thirsty Vinyl is a site dedicated to craft pair and vinyl records. It provides recommendations to readers on what beers to pair with classic albums, and it offers catalogs of easy-to-read information on a variety of topics including deep cuts into Grateful Dead bootlegs and lists of stuff you need to see to believe, like the weirdest vinyl ever pressed on earth and the top 10 turntable moments in movies.

Thirsty Vinyl’s passion shines through to a community like this one, which is why Diggers Factory and Thirsty Vinyl are partnering to promote each other and spotlight feature stories, like what it’s like to press records at Diggers Factory through the eyes of the musician (coming soon!).

To learn more, check out the feature article on, and keep checking back on their site and social media posts to see what’s new.

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