The Ideal Set-up for Storing and Displaying your Vinyl Record Collection

The Ideal Set-up for Storing and Displaying your Vinyl Record Collection

Sep 20, 2023

Vinyl records have made a huge comeback and for good reason. They provide a warm, rich sound that digital formats just can’t replicate. But vinyl is not the cheap option, if you’re a proud owner of a vinyl record collection you’ll want to ensure it’s displayed and stored correctly to keep it in the best condition possible. You’ve spent a lot on acquiring your records so don’t hide them away, display and show-off your collection with its beautiful sleeve artwork and mesmerising spinning on the turntable. A quality set- up should enhance the look of your collection and turntable while including both storage and display space for your turntable and other units and accessories.

Invest in Quality Furniture for Vinyl Storage

When it comes to storing your vinyl record collection, the furniture you choose is crucial. You want to ensure that your records are stored in a secure and stable environment to prevent any damage or warping. Consider investing in a high-quality shelving unit that’s specifically designed to store vinyl records, they should ideally be stored upright rather than being left in tall piles which can cause damage to the sleeves and even the vinyl surface. Leave space in the storage shelves so that you can access them and don’t need to squeeze them together too tightly and don’t forget to get a little more space than you think you need as you’ll surely to be adding to the collection soon! A quality collection and great turntable won’t look at it’s best when set up on a flimsy or sub-standard shelf, so make sure your furniture matches your investment and make it a feature in your home.


Technic Turntable Stand on Minimalist Square Legs

Consider the Material

When choosing a shelving unit it’s important to consider the material. Vinyl records are heavy and need a solid, sturdy base. A good option is a solid wood unit, such as oak, a well constructed cabinet should provide a strong and sturdy space for your records without risk of becoming wobbly or top heavy. Beware of cutting corners here, chipboard self-assembly units can end up being a false economy. We love the wood option, the natural grain patterns and sanded smooth surface somehow enhance the rich raw music tones from the vinyl. You may also have beautiful wood finishes on speakers or turntables which you might want to match with your furniture set-up.


Stack Record Player Stand

Display your Collection

As you pull out records to play you can display them too, the artwork on the sleeve is often one of the biggest attractions of vinyl in the first place. So a small rack or stand for your “Now Playing” and “Next Up” records will really enhance the display. As well as the turntable itself, you may want to leave space for other accessories too, such as a headphone stand and cleaning tools. We’ve seen some great set-ups over the years so take inspiration from others.


Custom Walnut Stand Customer Photo


Customer photo of Record Player Cabinet in oak

How to Protect Your Records

It’s important to protect your records from dust, sunlight, and moisture. Dust can accumulate on the surface of your records, causing scratches and reducing the sound quality. Sunlight can cause discolouration and fading of the album covers. Moisture can cause warping and can lead to the growth of mould, which can damage your records. You could invest in a record cleaning machine to keep your records in top condition, but we prefer a simple lint free cloth or a brush as well as ensuring they are always stored properly and put away after playing. In conclusion, storing your vinyl record collection correctly is essential to keep it in the best condition possible. Invest in a high-quality shelving unit, choose the right material, display your collection in style, and protect your records from dust, sunlight, and moisture. With the right set-up, you can enjoy your vinyl record collection for years to come.


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