Aug 2, 2023

This month we have selected three artists that we discovered at Diggers Factory!
Rap, rock, hip hop still lo-fi: “Artists to follow” is the new series of articles that we'll be bringing you regularly. So stay tuned because here are our Diggscoveries #1…You can also find our twitter thread @diggersfactory to discuss this selection with us!

GRËJ - Restaurant

We start first with GRËJ who is an artist inspired by old school rap as well as by recent artists, he is also a fan of concept albums/projects. His new project "RESTAURANT" is the direct sequel to "TAKE AWAY EP", released in April 2023.
The project broadly deals with the depression of which GRËJ has been a victim for several years. The tracklist is structured in such a way as to start the album on a negative note and gradually on hopeful and positive notes, as he hopes with his sanity.
Do not hesitate to listen and let yourself be seduced by this project inspired by 80s-90s rap with vintage aesthetics.

Lady Donli - Pan African Rockstar


Our second talent to follow is Lady Donli, the Nigerian singer-songwriter, who makes a triumphant return after four years of absence with her second album, "Pan African Rockstar". This project shows his emergence as an artist merging afrobeat, funk, rock and dancehall. With the singles "My Ability" and "Hello Lady", the album solidifies Lady Donli's position by pushing boundaries and celebrating pan-African unity. Don't wait any longer to discover this artist with a very unique style!

Remedy Motel - We Are All Around Us


Finally, Remedy Motel is a collective of songwriters and musicians who have written, recorded and published hundreds of folk and country songs with several groups and artists.
"We Are All Around Us", is the fifth studio album from Remedy Motel: it explores themes of love, loss, hope and redemption. This album is a must for fans of Americana, Country and Folk-Rock, it will stay in your mind even after listening to it.

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