Mastering, illustration... we answer your most frequently asked questions! PART 2

Mastering, illustration... we answer your most frequently asked questions! PART 2

Aug 10, 2023

Vinyl mastering

What is it ?

Vinyl mastering is the specific process of preparing the final audio recording for optimum reproduction on vinyl.

This step aims to maximize the clarity, fidelity and dynamics of the recording, while taking into account the technical specificities and constraints of vinyl as an analog medium. This guarantees a high-quality listening experience for vinyl enthusiasts.

Do I have to do a vinyl mastering?

It's not compulsory to master your tracks in vinyl format, but it is deemed necessary. This is because the listening medium is very different from the digital one: the sound is not reproduced in the same way, the format and size of the files are not the same, and they are difficult to adapt to each other. Vinyl imposes more constraints than digital.
If an artist only wishes to supply digital masters for pressing vinyl, he must be aware that the sound rendition will be poor.

Here are more details about the mastering

Artworks to size

Resizing visuals to sleeve format is an essential step before any music merchandising production. Whether 12" or 7" vinyl, CD or cassette... each medium requires its own specific dimensions for the illustrations featured.

How can I adapt my illustrations for production?

Simply ask your Diggers contact for the right templates for your project format!

You can then resize them yourself, or call on our team of specialized graphic designers.

Do I need to provide you with the artwork before launching the pre-order campaign?

No! you can, but we won't need them until the project goes into production. In other words, if you don't have them before or even during the pre-order campaign, it's not a problem at all!

On the other hand, you'll need to upload to the project page - in .jpeg, .jpg, or .png format - the illustrations suitable for the visual on the site. We recommend square format, with the best possible resolution to optimize screen quality.