Our new Green Option

Our new Green Option

Jun 22, 2023

New innovation at Diggers Factory: the Green Option!
Artists can now choose this option, which is more respectful of the environment and committed to sustainable development.
Indeed, our green philosophy applies to all stages of production:

Printing :
All printed materials used for the sleeves are recyclable and recycled, and the ink used is vegan.

This is the material on which vinyl is made. Our efforts are focused on reducing waste during the pressing process, and the little waste generated is reused or recycled.

Compostable shrink film:
To protect your vinyl as well as the environment, the sleeves are surrounded by a non-plastic, 100% biodegradable film made from organic compounds.

Also, our firm partner is planning to install solar panels in 2023/2024, so as to be self-sufficient in green energy and thus reduce its carbon footprint.

Finally an alternative combining production quality and ecological commitments, now available from Diggers Factory!
Please contact us if you are interested in this offer!