Most unusual vinyl records

Most unusual vinyl records

Jun 21, 2023

At Diggers Factory, we offer a made-to-measure customization service for your projects (design, shape, colors...), but vinyl has often had the classic image of a large black disc with a small white circle at its center. And yet, with the arrival of new technologies, vinyl customization has undergone a meteoric evolution over the years, and not always for the better…

The Dead Weather - Blue Blood Blues
Third Man Records, Jack White's label, has often liked to experiment on their vinyl releases, but they've hit the nail on the head with the release of The Dead Weather's "Blue Blood Blues..." album. The album, pressed on a 33 rpm, could be opened in two to make room for a 45 rpm.

Flaming Lips - Heady Fwends
To raise funds for charity, ten copies of the album were pressed, containing a few milliliters of blood from artists such as Coldplay's Chris Martin, Kesha and Sean Lennon. You can expect to pay $2,500 for the blood of your idols!

Jack White - Lazaretto
Jack White (him again) released the first record with holograms in 2014. To do so, he called on artist Tristan Duke and his "micro-reflector" technology. Engravings on vinyl enable depth illusions thanks to green, blue and violet spectra. The album features two angels hand-engraved by the artist.

Eohippus - Getting Your Hair Wet With Pee
The band describe the album as a "majestic hymn". Which didn't stop them from pressing their vinyl incorporating hair (dirty, of course), previously soaked in human urine... Majestic!

Perfect Pussy - Say Yes To Love
Another story of body fluids... This time, singer Meredith Graves, from the group Perfect Pussy, gave of her person as this transparent record was pressed including blood from her menstruation. Limited to 180 copies, it's easy to see why...

When bending the rules is synonymous with creativity... In the mid-90s, the Soviet Union banned Western music, so kids from the Eastern bloc who wanted to listen to rock music had to redouble their imagination. That's how the band Stilyagi came up with the right idea: use hospital radios found in garbage cans to press music onto vinyl and create a pirate distribution network. The hole in the middle of the macaron was made with a cigarette, craftsmanship at its best.

In the end, whether they feature an innovative technology, are derived from body fluids or are the result of a highly controlled policy, it's easy to understand (not always...) why some of these objects sell for top dollar!