International Jazz day selection

International Jazz day selection

Apr 27, 2023

On Sunday, the last of April, we will be celebrating the international jazz day. Weather you already have been a jazz fan since the golden ages or you are just getting into it because those guys look pretty cool with their saxophone and sunglasses, we took the liberty of putting together a little selection of the most influential and important jazz work we propose on record as well as new comers on the scene. 🎷😎

We start off with an ultra classic that should ring bells.. Nina Simone

We propose a complete set containing 4 vinyl records in limited edition along with a 30 x 30 booklet of 8 pages with Nina Simone's biography but also anecdotes and quotes. All the tracks included in this box set have been remastered for the occasion.

Her talent and her artistic and political commitment were the driving forces behind all the decisions she made in her life, from her first public performance to her final resting place. Her immense talent, her strength of character, and undoubtedly her egocentricity have shaped an extraordinary personality that constantly navigates between the firmament of vocal art and the hell of a chaotic personal life.

The second item in the selection is a new format: The Vinyl Story presenting the work and life of mister Bill Evans.

The set contains a record compiling jazz hits as well as an illustrated book retracing the life of one of the most talented pianist in modern jazz.


An essential musician of modern jazz, Bill Evans has left the imprint of a great sensitivity, both in his creation and in his interpretation. While it is true that he may not have the place he deserves in the eyes of the general public, he is nevertheless a major figure of the piano in the second half of the twentieth century who has left us a singular and very personal vision of music.

The third legend of this selection and far from the least is the one and only trumpet master Miles Davis.

Check out the “Essential works” compilation! We propose a double record compiling the biggest successes of the master such as “Whispering”, “Summertime” and “So What”.
He is undoubtedly the most fertile, the most revolutionary and the most personal jazz musician. He is at the origin of at least three revolutions, in 1949/1950 he recorded The Birth of the Cool, a turning point in the history of jazz, the new jazz of the downtown clubs, at the time when the jazz of the ballrooms declines; in 1959 he recorded Kind of Blue, in other words, the true entry of jazz in the modern world, which will figure as the best selling jazz for decades because it sounds then like an avant-garde and it still sounds today like a contemporary jazz.

Next up on our list, Thelonious Monk.

His “Essential Works” regroups 2 records and 19 tracks of pure jazz by one of the lesser known but definitely one of most fascinating and borderline insane mind of the scene.

Thelonious Sphere Monk was unique as a composer and instrumentalist, a New York spirit formed and matured in the heart of the city where his family had lived since he was four years old. A cosmopolitan capital like New York, in the throes of becoming the centre of the world, did not form spirits in the same way as a midsized Midwestern city does. From the beginning of his youngest days as a jazz musician, Monk was treading a unique personal path. At twenty he was already outside the norm, and by the Forties he’d been christened the “high priest of bebop.”

Robin Mansantin will be representing the newest generation on our list

“Nuit Américaine” is the first album by the young French jazzman proposing 12 original tracks on a classic black record.
The term "American Night" which obviously reminds us of the love letter to cinema signed in 1973 by François Truffaut, designates a cinematographic technique that allows to shoot in daylight outdoor scenes that are supposed to take place at night. A process that is not without evoking the colors and the guideline of this album

We close our non-exhaustive list with a fan-favourite, Quincy Jones.

Here Is a double record with the best of the African-american jazzman between 1955 and 1962.
Quincy Delight Jones Jr. is known to the general public for producing some of the best-selling albums ever, especially those of Michael Jackson. But this talent as a producer could only blossom because Quincy Jones is an incredible musician.

There are many more jazz legends to discover on our shop, so head on there and happy International Jazz Day! ❤️