They tried and approved our services ! Our interview with BUBSON

They tried and approved our services ! Our interview with BUBSON

Apr 25, 2023

Here we go again with the artist BUBSON ! His successful campaign allowed him to produce a vinyl version of the album ‘Namalsk Original Game Ambient Soundtrack’ released in 2020. Bubson took the time to tell us about his experience with Diggers Factory!


1. Can you introduce yourself and present your project ?

Greetings, I'm Bubson, I have been producing music in various forms for about 25 years. I find great pleasure in fusing the raw, organic elements of sound with the technological realms of audio, particularly in granular synthesis and modular approaches. Additionally, I've always been intrigued by the survival genre, having enjoyed it across multiple mediums such as movies, games and bushcraft. It was this passion that drove my involvement with the DayZ Namalsk project in the creation of the soundtrack.

Upon the release of the DayZ Namalsk map, players not only appreciated the exceptional work of Adam Francu (Sumrak) and the rest of the team in crafting the world, but also the ambient soundtrack. This resulted in an influx of requests to release the OST on platforms such as Spotify, where it has now accumulated almost one million plays. Furthermore, I received numerous requests for a vinyl release. After running a successful community poll and conversing with Diggers Factory, a campaign for 300 orders was launched, which was met within the first week. We ended up pressing a total of 500 vinyl copies for the community in which I couldn't have been happier, to create something and physically get it into the hands of your community is a privilege I will indefinitely be very thankful of.

2. How was Diggers Factory able to help with your vinyl project ?

Diggers Factory made the whole process much more manageable and enjoyable, Most notable was your willingness for communication with myself to work with me and get the project right, whether it was jumping on a video call to discuss options or keeping me up to date on the processes, I felt well informed and supported throughout.

3. What are the strengths & advantages of Diggers in your opinion ?

Communication, Logistics and Support all wrapped up in a modern simplistic package with a smile. Not to mention the financial risk that is offset with such a service. No worry involved with having boxes laying around filled with vinyl that is left collecting dust.

4. Why and for whom would you recommend Diggers Factory ?

Any artists looking to open that door and get something physical in the hands of your community, the feeling is amazing!

5. Anything to add ?

To follow my future projects, join me on my social media!

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