The pros and cons of Shape-disc

The pros and cons of Shape-disc

Apr 17, 2023

Like the picture-disc, the shape-disc is another way to personalize your vinyl. It is a record with an unusual shape, not circular.


Many possibilities

Here again, the possibilities are numerous: "standard" shapes, such as square, heart, oval, or rectangle, or very specific shapes, called "custom", such as logos, characters, etc.

For example, the vinyl in the picture is a shape-disc that we produced for the label Lowly Palace.

However, these possibilities are dependent on the diameter of the disc.

Technical constraints

Indeed, this process reduces the surface available for the grooves, which must remain round, and in the center of the disc, as usual.
For this reason, the shape-discs are reserved for the Maxi 45 rpm : the cutting is made in a 12" disc, on which the grooves will be engraved in a 7" surface. The shape is cut in the unengraved surface of the disc.
Shape-discs then have a listening time corresponding to a 45 rpm. Consequently, these records can only accommodate a single or an EP (2 to 5 min per side).

Why would you want to produce a Shape-disc ?

For reasons similar to those of the Picture disc.

First of all, Shape-discs can be an excellent marketing and promotional tool for an artist, because its unique aspect distinguishes it from all other records. For the record, the first Shape-discs were made in France in 1930 for promotional purposes for a cigarette brand.

They are also a great way to get known beyond your fan community. Imagine your name appearing in a conversation "[artist name]? Is that the one who created a heart-shaped vinyl?"

Mostly, it is an aesthetic item that pleases fans, and especially collectors.
In fact, shape-discs generally sell for more than standard vinyl. First, because they are more expensive to produce, but mostly because their unique aspect and their production in limited numbers strongly increase their value.

And you, which vinyl would you make?

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