The pros and cons of Picture-disc

The pros and cons of Picture-disc

Mar 21, 2023

Beyond the traditional black vinyl, there are many possibilities to personalize your record. Picture-discs aim at enriching the musical experience of the listener, by bringing a touch of originality.

Let's explore in detail the particularities and advantages of each of this format.



A picture disc is a vinyl record with a picture, an illustration or a text on both sides. It is mainly bought for its aesthetic and rare aspect.

Many possibilities

How Picture Discs are made

The manufacturing process is quite simple: a vinyl disc is first pressed to obtain a blank disc, without grooves. A printed image is then placed on this disc. Finally, a very thin layer of PVC, on which the groove is engraved, is added on each side. The groove is not engraved directly on the disc or the image.
It is a classic printing of the image on its support, leaving room for a multitude of possibilities.

The pictures on the right are from a picture-disc we produced for Space Between Atoms, de Space Tribe.

The different types of Picture Discs

There are different types and formats of Picture discs: They can be 12-inch discs (usually 33 rpm), 7-inch (often 45 rpm), it is also possible to find double Picture discs, Picture Disc test pressings, and also in incongruous shapes.

Technical constraints

A limited listening quality

However, this process is not without impact on the listening quality. Indeed, the PVC layer being very thin, the groove will be less deep, and will not allow to cover as many frequencies as for a standard vinyl. Thus, the sound is generally less good. Their interest is therefore mainly aesthetic.

Indeed, many picture discs have been produced in very limited quantities. These vinyls are then very coveted for their originality and uniqueness, and have a great value in the eyes of collectors.

And you, which vinyl would you make?

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