They tried and approved our services ! Our interview with BROKEN JAW

They tried and approved our services ! Our interview with BROKEN JAW

Mar 22, 2023

Here we go again with the very electric band BROKEN JAW ! Their successful campaign allowed them to produce a vinyl version of the album ‘Purge Yourself’ released in 2022. Nutzie Shelley, one of the members, took the time to tell us about their experience with Diggers Factory!


1. Can you present the band and your project ?

We are a punk and hard-metal band formed in 2012 in Gloucesternshire, England. Our music is just like our band: extremely energetic and rowdy!
We performed at Bloodstock Open Air, a heavy metal festival in England.
We signed to The Oracle Management in early 2020. This year is shaping up to be a very productive one for us, we're playing more and more gigs, and recently we joined the roster of DC Sound Attack, an artist development agency.

2. How was Diggers Factory able to help with your vinyl project ?

It's wonderful to have a structure that can have vinyls made, without the artist having to put money up front, without him having to collect and spend thousands of pounds.
Diggers helps finance the production through pre-orders. By taking care of the whole process, Diggers also makes it easier for the artists to get their vinyl without them having to approach factories on their own and manage shipments.

3. What are the strengths & advantages of Diggers in your opinion ?

Diggers differs from most companies, which will mostly ask the artists to pay before launching the production, and worry about not gaining some form of paying money back.
Few companies work like this, and help artists as much.

4. Why and for whom would you recommend Diggers Factory ?

I would recommend Diggers to independent labels and artists, and to those who don't have a lot of money to invest in the production of physical projects and merchandising. Today, digital and online listening has taken a big place. Producing your music in physical format is also a way to make your fans happy and to thank them. Diggers give that extra little bit that you can give back to the fans.

5. Anything to add ?

The final product is of very good quality!
We were able to sell our records to the fans on the site, and get some for ourselves.

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