Newest Soundtracks at Diggers Factory

Newest Soundtracks at Diggers Factory

Feb 15, 2023

What's the Soundtracks collection at Diggers Factory ? it’s a variety of soundtracks that have marked the big and the small screen. Immerse yourself into the atmosphere of legendary movies such as the Batman trilogy and the Twilight saga, or in the universe of legendary tv shows such as Stranger Things, Westworld and Star Trek, with the vinyl records of the most beautiful soundtrack music composed by the greatest: Ramin Djawadi, Hans Zimmer, James Horner and many more.



Heading to the upside down at Diggers Factory. The Netflix series, Stranger Things, with its pronounced retro atmosphere, stands out with its unique and original Soundtrack, recognizable by the use of numerous synthesizers. Enjoy worldwide phenomenon Stranger Things soundtracks, composed by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein of electronic band, Survive. The extensive use of synthesizers pays homage to artists and film composers of the 1980s, including Jean-Michel Jarre, Tangerine Dream, Vangelis, Goblin, John Carpenter, Giorgio Moroder and Fabio Frizzi. Project available now in a blue and red double vinyl!

Vinyl available for pre-order at Diggers Factory!



This unique compilation brings together the three films soundtracks with worldwide success directed by Christopher Nolan, composed by two of the greatest composers of contemporary music on the big screen: Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard. Hans Zimmer's illustrious career encompasses some of the greatest films of the past two decades, including The Lion King, Gladiator, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Da Vinci Code, Inception and Sherlock Holmes. Among the works of James Newton Howard are Pretty Woman, The Prince of Tides, The Sixth Sense and The Hunger Games.

Vinyl available for pre-order at Diggers Factory!



Discover the Original Soundtrack of the Westworld series, one of the American series produced and broadcast by HBO, painting the story of a captivating odyssey. The series is based on Michael Crichton's book and classic 1973 film, and its 1976 sequel, Futureworld. Westworld is a series which brings together two distinct worlds: the hot and dusty Wild West-themed amusement park and the cold and sterile futuristic laboratories that are the park's operations control center.

The soundscapes of composer Ramin Djawadi, who also worked on the phenomenon series, House of the Dragon, and Game of Thrones, adapt perfectly to both the visuals and the narration, so far as to incorporate orchestral covers of famous songs into the soundtrack. Indeed, on this vinyl you can hear Djawadi's versions of from The Rolling Stones (Paint it, Black), Nirvana (Heart-Shaped Box), Radiohead (I Promise, Codex), The Weeknd (Wicked Games) and Lana Del Rey (Video Games). A Serie that fascinates and intoxicates with its exceptional soundtrack. Enjoy this project in a beautiful double white vinyl.

Vinyl available for pre-order at Diggers Factory!



Explore the intergalactic universe of the legendary saga that marked the world of science fiction, Star Trek. This 10-track vinyl is a complete story of 43 years of Star Trek music, from the original 1966 television series to J.J. Abrams' blockbuster movie. Star Trek's music is at the heart of the legend - mysterious and majestic, it was written by some of the world's most respected composers, including industry greats Jerry Goldsmith, James Horner and Alexander Courage. Bringing together some of the best compositions of the audiovisual masterpiece, this project makes you enjoy a true symphonic journey.

Vinyl available for pre-order at Diggers Factory!



Let yourself get carried away by the music of the phenomenon, Twilight, adapted from the books of Stephenie Meyer, which have crossed the whole world. Experience the twists and turns of the Bella & Edward story through the soundtrack of the 4 iconic films that made their mark on the big screen!

Pre-order this project bringing together the essential compositions of the saga in a stunning red vinyl.

Vinyl available for pre-order at Diggers Factory!