Vinyl records of the week 02.20.19

Vinyl records of the week 02.20.19

February 20, 2019

This week, Hip Hop and Jazz are under the spotlight with : Realio Sparkzwell, Braxton Cook, Koka Mass Jazz, Arema Arega, Dizzy Wirght and Ewon12Bit

Braxton Cook - No Doubt


No Doubt is a futuristic landscape where Jazz, Soul, Trap and the Avant-Garde all meld together in a unique sound that's solely Braxton's. The vocals and songwriting are the strong points here as well as the band's performance which set this group apart from the fray. This album will undoubtedly comfort, shock, and wow the listener.

Ewon12Bit - One Time For Your Mind


One time for your mind is the first instrumental hiphop album by hiphop dj/producer Ewon12bit from Helsinki, Finland. Following the never dying recipe of traditional sample-based hiphop and keeping things simple how they were done back in the days, this record keeps you vibin from start to finish.

Making this record by using classic hardware, vinyl samples and analog tape, a similar soundscape is created like those early 90’s hiphop records what many have been growing up listening to. There hasn't been any cut in corners when replicating the same sonic characteristics of what people refer as the ”Golden era”. These relaxed, soulful and misty beats of old New York flavor will definitely get your in the zone.

Realio Sparkzwell – Monoatomic Gold


This album is completely produced, executive produced, written, and performed by Realio Sparkzwell. This time delivering exclusive soulful chops and breaks with cinematic theme music to paint vivid pictures of street life mixed with fly lyricism and wordplay. This is another solid piece of artwork showing and proving Mr. Sparkzwell can stand on his own and hold it down for the culture.

Dizzy Wright - The Golden Age


Dizzy Wright on The Golden Era: "This project means so much to me because it showed the world how versatile I can be. Using my platform to give Hip Hop listeners different styles and topics placing myself mentally in the 90's with styles I believe where ahead of it's time." This project will get you moving, will have you thinking and plotting for better days while keeping you entertained by collab's such as Wyclef, Logic, Joey Badass, Kid Ink and many more...

Arema Arega – The Red Soundtracks


Arema Arega : "The Red Soundtracks is my way of making my own movie. Cinema noir, suspense, the exoticism of the latin rhythms, stories of the city that came into my life as songs, melodies, lyrics and noises, all those beautiful and sometimes imperceptible, noises that are the soul of my album. The dreamy world within my film with it's characters laughing, crying, witnessing their surroundings in the silence of their thoughts, walking through their life in solitude or accompanied with their phantoms, people living their everyday dreams and challenges. This Album is my way of looking out from within."

Koka Mass Jazz – Elephunky Trip


"Elephunky Trip" explores a wide range of music styles from nu funk, nu jazz, rnb and soul with a touch of afro-beat, all is done with fresh grooves, clever arrangement and fat production with a stylish modern concept, bringing out seven hot and unique songs that will stay in your playlist for a long time.