What are the advantages of merch for an independant artist ?

What are the advantages of merch for an independant artist ?

Jan 17, 2023

Since the advent of CDs and vinyl, fans have discovered a passion for acquiring objects bearing the effigy of their favorite artists. They love to collect every item they can find. We are seeing more and more merch from emerging independent artists which is not to the fans' displeasure... At Diggers Factory we have a good example imagined by the inescapable singer, songwriter, producer and remixer, Arnaud Rebotini has become one of the most emblematic figures of today's electronic music, skilled at straddling genres, both avant-garde and timeless, and making them meet.


But what is merchandising? Merchandising is a way for artists to create and sell merchandise related to their music. Merchandise can include t-shirts, hats, posters, tote bags, and more. We know that there are many significant benefits to merchandising, but what are they?

Creating a link with the public

Merchandise can be a way to connect with your audience and offer them a way to identify with your music. By offering unique and original products, you can help your audience feel closer to you and your music. It is also a way for your fans to recognize each other and feel like they belong to a community and affirm their musical identity and taste.

Promote your music

Merchandise can be a way to promote your music and your brand as an artist. If you offer interesting and original products, you can draw attention to your music and your brand as an artist. Indeed, merchandise can be worn by people who may not know the artist associated with it. The products can simply be so aesthetically pleasing that they become a fashion statement or "everyday wear", and then these people can learn more about the artist and or discover more.

the visibility of your brand

Merchandise can be a way to increase the visibility of your brand as an artist. If you offer products that are worn or used in public, you can help bring your music and brand to a wider audience. By increasing their visibility, artists are much more likely to increase their sales and also to fill concert halls. The artist is also a brand, which is why it is important to maintain their image.


At Diggers we offer many merchandise ideas! Here are some of our projects 💿🎶

We have opened several shops including the one in Monster Florence which includes in exclusivity: vinyl, CD, cassette and T-shirt! What started out as a few studio sessions between producer Tom and vocalist Alex Osiris, quickly turned into a full-fledged musical project. The addition of in-house production and live instruments has allowed the group to develop their alternative hip-hop style that is truly unique and undeniably authentic.

During the 2010s, Russ Atlanta rapper, singer, songwriter and producer has emerged from the Atlanta area underground with dozens of singles and independent albums, all available for free download. He has now decided to offer you several designs and products from his merch (bundle, splatter, white or red vinyl).

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of his album Xzibit decided to release a vinyl as well as a whole merchandising with its image: It is a good example of what an artist can make in term of merchandising since it is very complete and composed of several distinct products.