Vinyl records of the week 02.13.19

Vinyl records of the week 02.13.19

February 13, 2019

Diggers Factory has selected 5 electronic vinyl records not to be missed this week: Solstice, Maelstrom & Louisahhh, Christopher Kah, Robben et Captain Hook!

Solstice - Yelrih One


The enigmatic Solstice brings us his “Yelrih One” EP, a four-tracker comprised of the eponymous namesake and three interpretations by a handful of keen peers. The original ‘Fall’ is the French producer at his deepest and most characteristic: a slow burner that’s pure atmosphere and haunting vocals courtesy of Lea Luxanima. Juan then swoops in to turn up the echo, giving us an even more cinematic version before Anton Dhouran strips things back to focus on Lea’s voice and accompanying keys. This one begs for a sunrise session near a body of water, though it’s Ivory’s final remix that has all the trappings of a dance floor igniter.

Maelstrom & Louisahhh - Silence is Violence


Rapid, nasty, biting, raw: Silence is Violence is a fresh take on ‘digital hardcore’ from techno-punk champions, Maelstrom and Louisahhh. Early reviews include “makes the ears bleed”, a fact which has been embraced (and celebrated) by the track’s creators. ‘Silence is violence, don’t you know, it always hurts the most to grow’. We are growing. Join us.

Christopher Kah - Seconde Nature


Composed over the course of a long, hot summer month, Christopher Kah’s latest long player serves up a firm reminder of the endless possibilities involved in creating electronic music. An 9-track affair that sees the producer call on his trademark brooding techno sound, it nonetheless serves up a fascinating alternative to his last album, the brilliantly received Limited Resource. With that one picking up heavy support from the likes of Laurent Garnier, this is another that’s sure to appeal to those interested in dancefloor-driven electronica. From wild electro sounds to Detroit-inspired techno, it serves up a energy-filled workout that barely if ever pauses for breath.

Robben - Rebellion


The real good surprise with this all new EP must be the celebration vibes running out of « Rebellion ». There is no such good feeling and happiness but the joy of taking part of a demonstration, a collective struggle, a brand new culture crawling out from the basements, the clubs and all the secret places downtown.

This « Rebellion » track sounds like an amazing declaration of love for the House Music from the old days, Chicago and Detroit Era.

Captain Hook - Origin

captain hook-origin

Captain Hook : "As an artist it’s essential to be connected to your heart, to feel what it has to say. I felt my heart telling me in the past two years to connect to the roots of trance of which I grew up on. This path has led me to find my inner child - his passion for music before he became a DJ producer, his desire to consume pure music without fear or expectation of what people are expecting him to create. I've walked with this child together day after day into the studio, listening to his ideas, translating them into music created by a 35 year old man. This was the creation process of my 3rd studio album (2nd as Captain Hook) “Origin”.