They tried and approved our services! Our interview with Göran Florström from MARIONET

They tried and approved our services! Our interview with Göran Florström from MARIONET

Oct 26, 2022

Nothing better than the return of fall temperatures to meet the Nordic group Marionet! Göran Florström took the time to answer our questions about the Swedish post-punk quintet's vinyl project and tell us about their experience with Diggers Factory!


1. Can you present yourself/your band and your project?

Hey! I’m Göran Florström, singer of the Swedish post-punk band Marionet. Our latest project with Diggers Factory was the realization of the vinyl version of our album The Last Party. The album was already out digitally and on CD on our own label, so what’s missing here..? The vinyl edition obviously! Not missing anymore…

2. How was Diggers Factory able to help you with your vinyl project?

Diggers Factory doesn’t leave you in the dark. You get clear guidance of what’s expected of you, what’s doable and reasonable and also they provide you with a lot of good, working promotional materials once the project is up and running. They are really good at replying to emails as well, and that’s great because there are always a lot of questions popping into your head. It’s important stuff we’re dealing with here.

3. What are the strengths and advantages of Diggers Factory in your opinion?

What grabbed our interest from the very start – this is the second album project with Diggers Factory of ours – was the “crowd funding” aspect of it all; fans ordering and paying for the record before it’s printed. No financial risk for the band. That’s a good thing, it’s a pretty risky business otherwise.
And that the distribution part is sorted, the records being sent straight to the fans when printed, that’s another thing you are glad someone else is dealing with.
We really liked the possibility to get, however small, but still a personal stock to sell on our Bandcamp site and in local record stores here in our region.

4. Why and for whom would you recommend Diggers Factory?

For bands having recent, really cool recordings that they may have released on streaming platforms or whatever, but would love having a limited vinyl edition of the music as well, this is the way to do it. Another scenario for a band of a label might be having an older recording or release that never saw life as a vinyl record. This is a chance to finally get that done. Or just getting your music on vinyl, period.

5. Anything to add?

This is all about a process, and it might take some time from the start of your campaign ‘til the record is in your hand, and you will be putting in some effort into the campaign, but it’s certainly worth it!

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