They tried and approved our services! Our interview with 97SPECIAL & SHOGONODO

They tried and approved our services! Our interview with 97SPECIAL & SHOGONODO

Sep 27, 2022

Welcome to our new interview with French duo 97SPECIAL and SHOGONODO! The two musicians launched a successful pre-order campaign on Diggers Factory for their DAYDREAM project, the result of a long-term collaboration! We went to meet them to learn more about their creative process and their experience on our platform.


1. Can you present yourself and your project?


I started making Hip Hop / trip hop instrumentals in 2015 on Soundcloud and Bandcamp. The term lofi-hiphop was not yet defined at that time. Nujabes influenced my musical style a lot. I listened to Nujabes a lot, especially his two albums Modal Soul and Metaphorical Music in 2011.

I started a first collaboration with Shogonodo on a single "Ocean Melody", followed by several collaborations for our first vinyl albums: Escape (97special) and his album Patience (Shogonodo).


I have released several projects (albums - EPs) in the form of vinyl and cassettes since 2018, always in hip-hop styles, from lofi to trap. After having collaborated with a perfect symbiosis on several tracks intended for our solo albums (ESCAPE for 97SPECIAL and PATIENCE for SHOGONODO), we started to think about the desire to create a complete and qualitative joint project. This project was to be a 7-track EP in March 2020 (during the confinement) and has now been transformed over the months into a 16-track collaboration album that tells the story of a journey, that of DAYDREAM.

2. How was Diggers Factory able to help you with your vinyl project, and what are its strengths and advantages in your opinion?

Diggers Factory allowed us to quickly make our ambition to make this album on vinyl a reality, via a crowdfunding process where our fans could very easily pre-order and share our project with their loved ones. Speed and efficiency. We could also have a very precise view of each of the pre-orders from a statistical point of view. It's always very nice to have as much information as possible to supervise a physical release.

They have several partners such as online vinyl stores, physical stores and others who can buy small, medium, large quantities of your projects. It is always appreciated.

Another reason which is very important for our French fanbase, is to avoid paying customs taxes.

3. Why, and for whom would you recommend Diggers Factory?

Any artist who has always dreamed of releasing a vinyl project should try Diggers, it's easy to use, instinctive, and also very well known in vinyl shops. Whether it’s for independent artists, collectives, or music labels.

4. Something to add…? :)

Thank you to our fans for their trust. We will be back in force with a new vinyl album in July 2023. It will of course be available on Diggers Factory.

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