Vinyl records of the week 02.06.19

Vinyl records of the week 02.06.19

February 6, 2019

Diggers Factory has selected 5 rock /pop vinyl records not to be missed this week: Siamés, Bast, Venture Lift, Moya81 and Lost Tuesday Society!

Siamés - Bounce Into The Music


“Bounce Into The Music” is packed with upbeat Indie Pop-Rock sounds, synth and guitar licks, ambitious baselines and constant groove. Stoltz’s consistently melodic vocals are the perfect complement to Mr. Blakk’s varied musical arrangements. The Man, Foster The People Gorillaz, and Kasabian among their influences.

Bast - Vertiges


BAST is an independent French rock artist, more precisely, as he defines it himself, of "Rock'n'Pop à la française". Composed of 5 tracks ("Franco"), "Paradise", "Our dreams "," The acidulous night "and" Their echoes "), you'll find the disc the themes of the escape, the dream and the decadence of its time.

Venture Lift - Arcadian Nights

venture lift-arcadian-nights

5th album and first to be pressed for vinyl from the Indie group Venture Lift, featuring artwork by James Marsh.

MOYA81 - (no name)

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This project is not another record but the record that tells the history of an artist and music fan who grow up in a working class district in Santiago of Chile in the early '80s. After over 20 years, this records titled "MOYA81 - no name" is travelling trough those frequencies that were the anchor of people with similar life experience as me, the roots of the contemporary Electronic Dance Music are present as well. This production is not only musical but it go deeply in philosophical, meta-political and mystical topics. By buying this album, you are not only supporting this project, the dream of a dreamer and the music culture, but getting a physical and very unique kind of Vinyl Record.

Lost Tuesday Society - Lost Tuesday Society


This is the debut album from Lost Tuesday Society re issued on vinyl only for a limited run. All profit made will go straight back into recording and mastering yhr next album.