How do I communicate efficiently on my pre-order campaign?

How do I communicate efficiently on my pre-order campaign?

Aug 24, 2022

By using our pre-order platform for your vinyl, you’re opting for a simple and turnkey solution: you get to have a personalized project page allowing you to choose all the desired features for your vinyl, and we make sure your campaign goes as smoothly as possible. At the end of that process, we undertake the production of your records then manage the logistics and delivery to your fans all the while providing a continuous after-sales service.

We take care of the whole thing… well, almost the whole thing! You’ll have to make a difference in how you communicate on your campaign in order to achieve as many pre-orders as you can to finance production. It is therefore your responsibility to take on the marketing part of your project. How to best go about it? Find some useful tips below!


A well-honed digital communication

There are many digital tools to facilitate your communication operations with your fans. The first essential thing is of course to make sure you are visible on all platforms and social networks: your music must be listenable everywhere, and people must be able to reach you too! At Diggers Factory, we offer a digital distribution service for your music. Do not hesitate to contact us!
for more information!

Subsequently, it is necessary to communicate extensively about the campaign. Remind your fans very regularly, at least twice a week, that the project is in progress: without their help, it will not succeed and they will not be able to receive their vinyl! In addition, after a certain period of time, the campaign will be canceled: it is therefore necessary to be as quick as possible. Do not hesitate to insist on the limited aspect, in time and in quantities, to motivate the troops.

Use all your social networks, using both text and image, and prioritize video format! Instagram reels/stories, Facebook shorts and TikToks allow you to be well referenced and maximize your visibility. Their video editing technology is fast and very intuitive to learn! All channels are good to take to keep your community engaged and active!

As the campaign will be used to finance the production of your records, you will not have the actual product you wish to sell to help with promotion. It is therefore necessary to insist on your music above all: this is what will convince your audience and encourage them to buy your vinyl record. Try getting your tracks into playlists on big platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music (and soon, TikTok Music!) or go live on socials: fans receive an instant notification, allowing you to nurture more authentic loyalty while presenting your creative process for instance. And it’s of course the best time to mention the campaign!

To make the project page more visible, you can also have a linktree (or other similar service) to reference all of your networks, platforms, and merch. You can play with hashtags, encouraging fans to gather around a specific term that refers to you: it's a simple and effective way to unite the audience!

In general, it is mandatory to play the game of social networks to generate traffic on your project page and “professionalize” your image. Do not be afraid to consult the trends of these platforms to understand which communication channels are effective and how to be in the spotlight at the right time.


The Diggers boost

As mentioned above, Diggers does not undertake the communication side of your campaign for you and focuses mainly on its own projects and collaborations.

However, we don't release you in the wild on your own! In order to help you, we will send you a personalized promotion kit as well as a document with some communication tips upon launching the campaign. Read it carefully to get the most out of it! In addition, our communication team is available if you find yourself out of ideas to rekindle interest in the project. Reach out to your project manager to be put in contact with our experts!