Diggers Factory commits to Keychange gender pledge!

Diggers Factory commits to Keychange gender pledge!

Aug 3, 2022

Diggers Factory is proud to join the European Commission-funded Keychange movement, that aims at achieving 50% representation of women and under-represented genders in the music industry!

We take it at heart to have more women within our roster. Women remain underrepresented within the entertainment industry as a whole, and by aiming at getting rid of issues from the past when making vinyl, we also need to play our part when it comes to gender equality.


As active campaigners for gender equality in music for over 4 years now, Keychange has been investing in emerging female talents with an annual participation program, while continuing to encourage all types of music organizations, institutions companies, festivals and so on to sign a pledge to include at least 50% women and underrepresented genres in their programming, staffing and beyond. The current list covers over 500 organizations.

Additionally, 74 entrants from 12 countries - a roster comprised of women emerging artists and music industry innovators - are selected each year across Europe and Northern America to participate in international festivals, showcase events, collaborations and a creative lab program. A fantastic opportunity for them to take their career to the next level!

France’s participants for 2022/23 include the likes of Bandit Bandit, Anna Majidson, Gwendolenn Sharp, Robi, or Cleo T. to only cite a few.


Our pledge for gender equality in music

Diggers Factory is no stranger to the issue of including women and ethnic and gender minorities within its own projects. Faced with this observation, we are committed to book at least 50% women and gender minorities in our line-ups for the festivals/clubs we play at ; Encourage women to create projects with us by highlighting successful female-led projects ; Curate special playlists, articles and interviews encouraging women representation in music and vinyl. We also want to focus more of our prospecting efforts toward female artists/collectives worldwide.

You can play your part too! If you’re an organization active within the music industry, you can get involved as well by signing the pledge. Let’s all work towards a more inclusive and brighter future for all artists out there!