They tried and approved our services! Our Interview with Latanya Alberto

They tried and approved our services! Our Interview with Latanya Alberto

Jul 28, 2022

For the second installment of our Interview series, we’re welcoming singer-songwriter Latanya Alberto! Latanya has had music in her life from an early age, and began her professional career as an independent artist at the age of 19 with her debut EP ‘Ruminate’.

She is now bridging her career with her new EP The Royal Escape, which she proposed on vinyl as a pre-order campaign with Diggers Factory. The project was a huge success, so we wanted to know more about her experience on our platform!

Can you present yourself and your project?

I identify as a multidisciplinary artist covering social, spiritual, and romantic matters, with poetic music. With my project ‘The Royal Escape’ I delved into the re-appreciation of inner royalty, in the spirit of heritage, self-reflection, and love.

In my experience, the way you carry yourself and others is a reflection of the value you place upon your teachers in life, the respect you have for the ones who came before you, and your will to change, or rather to adjust. The Royal Escape visualizes the escape from places of captivity, feeling stuck and underappreciated as a black woman. To a place of glory, wisdom, mental riches, and prosperity. The escape itself equals this journey.

How was Diggers Factory able to help you with your vinyl project?

With the help of Diggers Factory I was able to perpetuate the intention of the EP. I aim for timelessness in my projects, and unfortunately, some of the social subjects I write about like feminism and racial inequality stay very relevant for a duration of time. With a physical product, a non-digital way to experience this, I feel part of this big social change we aim for is emphasized.

What are the strengths and advantages of Diggers Factory in your opinion?

I think it’s beautiful to see how Diggers Factory shows up for things they truly support. Their interest seems very genuine and is supported by their actions. It’s difficult to find connections who offer the smaller artists a platform where they’re treated with the importance and persuasiveness of big artists.

Why, and for whom would you recommend Diggers Factory?

I would recommend Diggers Factory to anyone looking for interesting and new discoveries as they have made a great selection of artists you normally perhaps wouldn’t run into.


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