"Hustle", first collaboration between Netflix and Diggers Factory

"Hustle", first collaboration between Netflix and Diggers Factory

Jul 20, 2022

Netflix and Diggers Factory are excited to announce the release of the Hustle soundtrack LP, by composer Dan Deacon.

Hustle, the new Netflix stamped movie is a hit on the platform. Indeed, the movie, carried by an excellent Adam Sandler, is good! This true love letter to basketball and the NBA tells us about the long road of Stanley, a basketball-loving scout, losing momentum and going towards sporting redemption. One day, he spotted a very promising amateur player in Spain, Bo. The cast is really amazing, with Adam Sandler of course, Queen Latifah but also the biggest NBA stars such as LeBron James, Stephen Curry or James Harden. Hustler debuted on Netflix's English Films list at #1 with 84,58M hours views and is still climbing. With a Rotten Tomatoes score of 92% from critics and 92% with audiences, the film has been getting stellar reviews.

The pitch is simple, concise, but bodes well. The movie is powerful, conveys emotions specific to sports films but not only as it is also accessible to all, dealing with universal subjects such as doubt or resilience in the face of life's obstacles. In addition, Sandler's love for the NBA, an unconditional basketball fan, is expressed wonderfully during this two-hours watch, taking the viewer to the heart of his passion. The whole thing is led brilliantly by director Jeremiah Zagar.
Composer Dan Deacon signs for Jeremiah Zagar’s movie an original score, associating orchestral music by the London Contemporary Orchestra and Royal Scottish National Orchestra with his innovative electronic style.

Diggers Factory, in collaboration with Netflix, offers you the possibility to acquire the soundtrack of the movie in a blue limited edition vinyl format!